Are you wondering if your building contains asbestos? Are you concerned about the presence of asbestos products? Are you planning to carry out major renovations, and are you worried about contaminating the building? Does a CNESST inspector require you to make an inventory of asbestos products and establish safe work procedures? Santinel can support you in everything related to asbestos.

Our Services and Programs

Santinel offers prevention programs and services that help you manage the presence of asbestos in your workplace.

Santinel guides you in developing procedures to remove asbestos: a dangerous product found in buildings under certain conditions. In recent years, regulations have become very coercive due to health risks, and countless renovation projects have been interrupted by the CNESST because of its presence.

Thanks to our expertise, get expert help for your asbestos removal estimates. We will help you prepare your tendering processes as well as advise you on the choice of contractors, and if necessary, we can assist you in contacting the CNESST. Likewise, we offer a work supervision service to ensure everything is carried out according to plan and regulations in force.

Workers in sectors like repairs, maintenance, demolition, and renovation are indeed more at risk of being exposed to asbestos fibres. The Safety Code for the construction industry defines the types of construction sites and precautions to take when work is likely to emit asbestos dust.

Often, the employer must prepare and submit a removal estimate and a prevention plan that takes into account the control of all risks. Contact us for our support in these steps.

Does your building contain asbestos? Its presence in the workplace must be carefully monitored, whether it is exposed, hidden or integrated with other components. Work performed near or on materials containing asbestos can cause fibres to spread in ambient air and inhaled by workers, consequently, exposing them to health risks.

It is essential to have an asbestos management plan (AMP) to make sure the safety and sustainability of your stakeholders onsite. This plan aims to keep the inventory and location of all materials containing asbestos up to date and available. It specifies the type of asbestos present in your workplace, evaluates the risk level, and establishes adequate procedures according to the location, and the kind of work that may occur.

Santinel can support you in the management of asbestos by carrying out these verifications and recommending the necessary actions according to the risks involved (removal, monitoring or containment). We also develop procedures and policies to implement, lists of required equipment and fact sheets.

Removing asbestos is a delicate matter. If the work is inadequate, the situation may be more dangerous for workers than keeping the asbestos on site. In this manner, specialized contractors must comply with regulatory standards to ensure the protection of workers. To do so, they must confirm that removing asbestos will not contaminate other parts of the building before beginning any work, and finally, that the air will be free of asbestos once the work is complete.

Santinel will ensure that contractors follow specifications and regulations, to oversee the job, and to monitor the risk of contamination continuously. As an owner, you must certify that contractors carry out the work respecting their obligations scrupulously. You must also obtain guarantees that the building is not contaminated.

These precautions are essential to avoid contamination and the risks of your employees’ health, not to mention the high cleaning costs and the intervention of CNESST inspectors.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Our Solutions

Santinel offers customized solutions for managing asbestos in your building. Consult us to choose the solution that suits your needs.

If you wish to eliminate asbestos in your building, this offer is for you. Santinel will support you throughout all stages of the process; inventory, identifying materials containing asbestos (its locations and dimensions), employee training, determining strategies and a timetable for its removal, quotes, work supervision and verification. In the end, we will ensure that there is no contamination and that your building is asbestos-free.

Have you decided to undertake this thorny issue, or is the CNESST or another organization pressuring you? Our program allows you to establish procedures, or make wiser decisions regarding asbestos and the health of your workers, guaranteeing their safety all the while meeting with legal regulations. Santinel will help you take care of:

  • Inventory of materials with asbestos and identifying risk levels and preferred follow-ups.

  • Identifying an optimal cost-benefit strategy for asbestos management (removal, monitoring or work procedures, etc.)

  • Developing asbestos management plan (policies, guidelines, methods for the management of contractors, etc.)

  • Training of maintenance staff on new work procedures.

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