Thermal Stress

Thermal stress is the source of many workplace accidents. Each summer, workers face extreme heat conditions that can lead to heat stress. Because heat accumulation prevents them from keeping their bodies at an average temperature, they expose themselves to serious health risks and even death. Consult Santinel to protect your workers from thermal stress.

Thermal Stress Training

Prevent and limit the dangers of thermal stress through in-depth training in this area. Santinel has designed comprehensive and efficient practices to equip professionals and businesses better. Discover them now.

Services & Programs

Santinel has developed a beneficial service to prevent and assess thermal stress. Discover our unique approach adopted by many companies in Quebec.

An assessment is necessary to understand the risks of your workers when exposed to extreme heat better. Thanks to Santinel and the knowledge we possess, you will have the information you need to prevent or respond to heat stress.

Many companies rely on our expertise because the risk assessment of thermal stress requires the measurement of several parameters both in terms of the type of task performed and the clothing as well as environmental parameters (humidity, dry, wet temperature and heat radiation). Within a short period, we can carry out these specialized assessments and advise you on the control of heat stress in the workplace.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Solutions to Thermal Stress

Choose a turnkey solution to deal with the dangers of heat stress and provide a safe working environment for your workers.

The risk of thermal stress is likely to occur when your workers are exposed to high temperatures. In the event of a worker experiencing thermal stress symptoms, the situation must be quickly taken care of to avoid heatstroke, loss of consciousness, and subsequent accidents. As these dangers can be harmful to your health, Santinel offers a spectrum of interventions that will prepare you for high-temperature labour.

Santinel can advise you in thermal stress prevention and intervene in the case of a problem. Our turnkey approach is as follows:

  • Study of external reports, if they exist.

  • Evaluate risky tasks and thermal stress parameters at workstations.

  • Identify workers at risk.

  • Determine actual risk levels and their compliance with legal standards.

  • Determine technical and administrative solutions aimed to reduce non-standard exposures.

  • Determine optimal personal protection.

  • Develop a thermal stress prevention program.

  • Hold awareness sessions/training on working at high temperatures.

  • Annual follow-ups on exposures and awareness sessions/training sessions during the summer season.

If your organization deals with these issues, entrust our specialists with your establishment’s health and safety. Great leaders make employees feel safe!

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