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Did you know that lift truck use is subject to regulations in Quebec? Protect your workers with Santinel’s services and courses. With our assistance, your team will be able to safely work with heavy equipment. Santinel is your one-stop resource for accident prevention involving lift trucks.

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Santinel is your go-to resource for services, strategies, and courses related to lift trucks. Thanks to our experts, you can easily face your challenges. Get in touch with us today.

Accidents happen easily when workers share their space with lift trucks. Avoid injuries and other unfortunate outcomes by using Santinel’s help to evaluate risks related to mobile equipment usage. We work with warehouses, factories, trailers, and outdoor spaces to determine situations when a moving lift truck can represent a threat.

Our experts analyze potential risks related to the presence of pedestrians, storage spaces, poor traffic area layout, absence of traffic areas, etc. We perform a thorough analysis and provide you with a full report that includes personalized corrective measures.

Our reports target all major goals, such as raising awareness among pedestrians and lift truck operators, training drivers, defining clear operational procedures, improving surrounding signage or rethinking traffic flow for some passageways or main routes. In complex cases, we can even guide your operations team as they put together comprehensive traffic plan to improve overall safety and operational flow.

Got questions about safe lift truck use? Want to talk to an expert? With over 35 years of experience, Santinel’s team is ready to help. Contact us regarding any specific questions on matters of safety regulations and safe lift truck use. If you need advice on a specific matter regarding mobile equipment or refuelling, we are here for you.

Our team is always available to show you the way to correct a concerning situation.

In order to ensure that your employees use lift trucks safely, you should put in place a comprehensive inspection program. Santinel’s program fully defines inspection procedures, mobile equipment fleet management, as well as verification of recharging and refuelling sites. To ensure for proper program implementation, we provide unlimited technical support and coaching.

We can also work with employees to ensure that the strategy is well executed, well managed, and that all those concerned can carry out their tasks properly. If you choose our turnkey service, Santinel can create a personalized inspection strategy for your organization applicable for all types of equipment (counterbalance, order picker, narrow aisle, side loading, propane, electric, diesel, etc.).

Depending on your needs, this strategy could include employees’ roles and responsibilities, inspection types, personalized inspection forms, inspection control measures, and corrective interventions.Enjoy peace of mind with the knowledge that your lift trucks are compliant with regulations thanks to our comprehensive strategy.

Save time by letting our experts design your lift truck fleet management program. They will use all available resources to develop a comprehensive, efficient, and regulation-compliant program.

This program will define policies, directives, roles and responsibilities for all parties, procedures for usage, inspection, refuelling, and maintenance, as well as the tracking of operator trainings and control methods.

Please be assured that our reports are tailored to your business’s specific needs. This service is suitable for any organization that uses lift trucks for day-to-day operations.Contact us to get a unique and comprehensive lift truck fleet management strategy.

To ensure that your racking is being used safely, Santinel provides professional racking inspection services. Our experts use established methods to test that your equipment meets regulations and define corrective measures. If needed, we help you build a complete history of past inspections in order to better plan for the future and determine inspection frequency.

In order to eliminate risks at their source, we locate problem areas, and recommend corrective measures. This way, you will be able to minimize risks of lift truck accidents. We can even help you gain autonomy by training employees to perform racking inspections. We will teach them to design a thorough inspection procedure and perform all necessary verifications.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your racking is secure at all times.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Our comprehensive solutions

Looking for a partner to take charge of all things related to accident prevention and safe lift truck use? We can create regulation-compliant, comprehensive programs and procedures that cover all relevant elements, such as battery chargers installations, propane tank storage and refills, equipment inspections, as well as safety on loading docks, inside passageways, and inside and around trailers.

We can also include layout plans, storage sites, signage, and operator safety training. Thanks to our personalized approach, our program takes into account every characteristic of your environment. Are you concerned with lift truck use in your organization? Maybe you want to make sure that employees have enough training to operate lift trucks safely.

Or maybe you want to check that your signage is compliant with recognized safety standards. For all those elements, you can rely on Santinel’s expertise. We train your employees on lift truck operations and create safety strategies tailored to your needs.

Are you sure that you are fulfilling your obligations as an employer? When you get lift trucks inspected with Santinel, we guarantee that your equipment is compliant with existing safety standards and regulations.

Our service includes an audit of your lift truck fleet management program and a complete inspection. Our lift truck experts analyze your mobile equipment, battery charger set-up, propane tank storage and refilling station, loading docks, racking, and loading areas.

After the inspection, you will receive a full report with concrete results. We will compare your results with applicable standards, and explain in detail all recommended corrective measures. Thanks to our targeted solutions, you will be well on your way to a safer environment.

Santinel helps create safe operation procedures for lift truck operators. We can also provide coaching services to your management team. This course trains your managers to get better at observing and analyzing lift truck operator behaviour. Your team will learn how to follow up with employees efficiently in order to avoid accidents in the workplace.

Thanks to our training, your team will build up confidence and skills for a safer and standard-compliant environment for lift truck workers.

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