Managing Workplace Accident & Occupational Disease Cases

Optimize your strategy for addressing occupational injuries. Santinel provides unique resources to allow your employees to get back to work faster and cut losses related to workplace accidents. Our specialists can even represent you before legal institutions.

Our Training Sessions

Give your team the right tools to address both legal and administrative aspects in accident cases.

Our Services & Programs

Take advantage of Santinel’s expertize when it comes to managing occupational accidents and diseases. Our multidisciplinary team helps companies from all industries set up efficient response and follow-up procedures. Contact us to learn more and choose a service that suits you best.

Support your employees as they take sustainable steps to come back to work after an occupational injury. Ensure that your workers have a positive back-to-work experience after an injury. It is essential to think through your reintegration process in order to allow your workers to completely recover following an accident. Santinel can help, thanks to our unparalleled, step-by-step strategy designed to make reintegrating into the workplace safer.

Our experts provide fully customized solutions as they guide you through post-accident procedures and documentation. We can help you issue an effective company policy on readaptation and workplace reintegration. We can also analyze medical forms and assess your company in order to recommend temporary assignments, depending on each case. With Santinel, you will be well equipped to ensure that your workers go back to work safely.

Ensure that your organization is taking the right steps when it comes to work accidents. We can help assess how you manage occupational injuries and workplace reintegration procedures. Santinel’s thorough evaluation will address your concerns and help you optimize your response. Trust our expert audit and make your workplace safer for everyone.

Our specialists can assess your accident response mechanisms and ensure compliance with applicable regulations. We can help your managers investigate if procedures are duly respected by all parties. Finally, we can outline recommended improvements and present you with clear and easy to apply suggestions.

Enjoy peace of mind while knowing that Santinel looks out for your best interests. Take advantage of Santinel’s expertize and prevent potential misuse of existing policies. Sometimes, managers face doubtful claims. It could happen that cases involve both personal illnesses and occupational injuries. These situations may be few and far between, but each of them may cost you dearly.

You can count on our control procedures in order to better address borderline CNESST cases. Santinel’s experts assist you as you set up management procedures to prevent difficult situations from arising. We will also help cut costs when addressing an occupational injury case. Finally, we will guide your team as you review applicable legislation related to claims and compensation.

Give your team the right tools to address occupational injuries. Be ready to respond to a workplace accident or occupational illness. Santinel helps you set up effective response structures within your organization so that you can react sensibly to occupational injuries, while respecting applicable regulations. Adopt a winning strategy and make managing accident cases easier thanks to our specialists’ effective procedures and policies.

We provide your managers with adequate support in order to help them better respond to injury cases. We also help define roles and responsibilities for workers, supervisors, and professionals from various departments. Thanks to our unique strategy, your well-equipped team will capably address all occupational injury cases. Contact us today for easy and effective solutions.

Trust Santinel with complex or prolonged workplace accident cases. Get support for a single case as your need arises. Santinel offers management services for one or several cases, while you keep complete control of your occupational injury strategy. Take advantage of our unique approach and get occasional relief on a case-by-case base. Thanks to our outstanding expertize, your interests are safe and all laws and regulations are respected.

Whether you are lacking internal resources or facing a complex case, contact Santinel for effective solutions. Among other things, we can deal with emotional cases that involve loss of life, traumatic or severe accidents, chain of command conflicts, etc. We can also tackle closed cases in which you are looking to get reimbursed.

Delegate occupational injury management to our specialists. Stay in control of work accident costs while ensuring effective solutions. Thanks to Santinel, you can bring in an outside accident management expert. We can assign you an onsite specialist who will address your specific needs. Our unparalleled and flexible solutions can make a life-changing difference for businesses in any industry.

Your onsite expert will visit your organization on a regular basis, be it three days a week, half a day a week, or even twice a month. Our mission is to follow up on all open cases, negotiate agreements, and develop action plans. We will ensure that your workplace injury cases run smoothly, in compliance with existing laws and regulations. If needed, we can even represent you before legal institutions.

Benefit from the services of Santinel’s experienced and highly qualified attorney. Get strong legal representation when dealing with the CNESST or the Commission des Lésions professionnelles (CLP). If your organization must face legal institutions, our expert counsel can provide top-quality representation.

In addition to pleading in your name, our attorney will help you prepare for the hearing while helping you understand all legal processes and answering all your questions.

We can also prepare you for the opposite counsel’s deposition. Santinel has the expertize to negotiate a conciliation in the case of a dispute. Entrust any legal issue to our experts and find peace of mind when it comes to workplace injury and illness cases.

Get personalized expert advice on a case-by-case basis. Address your occupational accident cases with the help of our specialists. Santinel provides professional support and advice when and where you need it. Choose our unique solutions and make responding to accidents easier. Our experts work with organizations from all industries in order to address workplace injuries and diseases.

We can give you reliable answers even in the most complex cases. Our consultants also offer independent advice on issues related to CNESST and injury management practices. Moreover, we can help you prepare for an audit before the CLP if required.

Measure the impact of your managing policies when it comes to workplace accident cases. Optimize your responses and curb your long-term expenses. Thanks to Santinel’s unique know-how, you can rely on accurate accident statistics and performance indicators. Your entire organization will benefit from a clear picture of workplace accident cases.

First, our experts help you define your needs and goals. We develop a customized computation base and help you compare your results to those of your competitors, other players in the same industry, and different branches of your organization. We then present you with the statistics and provide you with solutions to make improvements where necessary.

After implementing changes, we measure their impact and reassess your performance indicators. Thanks to Santinel, you will notice a significant difference in contributions and costs.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Accident & Illness Management Solutions

Take advantage of Santinel’s personalized and professional approach when it comes to addressing workplace accidents. Our unparalleled solutions can help you solve any issue and get peace of mind. Entrust your accident management program to Santinel and focus on the things that matter.

Choose a winning approach when it comes to addressing workplace accidents. Get the tools you need and ensure that occupational injury cases are resolved effectively. With Santinel’s integrated solutions, you will be ready to address any type of workplace injury or illness. Get personalized solutions that answer all your concerns.

When you choose our comprehensive approach, you are still in charge of all major decisions. However, thanks to our expert advice, you are able to make wiser choices. Santinel’s integrated solutions include:

  • Complete management of all CNESST files

  • Key advice to help you better understand occupational health and safety

  • Management of workplace accident cases

  • Writing, revision, and evaluation of occupational health and safety policies

  • Representation before the CNESST

  • Action plan to maximize the impact of safety interventions

  • Medical and legal claim analysis

  • Review and management of closed cases

  • Strategic management of financial cases

  • Assessment of the impact of accidents on contributions

  • Review of previous accident payouts

  • Setting up limits

  • Information on financial issues related to occupational health and safety

  • Representation before legal institutions (CNESST, TAT) preparation of legal hearings and cases

Gain complete autonomy when it comes to occupational injuries. Santinel can help you acquire the right reflexes when faced with an accident case. Thanks to our expert advice, you will acquire essential tools and ensure an optimal response. Get the boost your need to protect your workers’ health and cut accident-related costs.

We offer a wide range of effective solutions that help you improve your management practices. Ensure that all occupational injury cases are conducted effectively and in compliance with existing regulations. We offer you the following tools:

  • Assessment of procedures and policies within your organization

  • Personalized procedures and forms, along with internal reporting procedures

  • Comprehensive training session to teach managers how to better address accident and illness cases

  • Coaching and follow-ups with your internal resources

Optimize your response to injury cases and reduce costs. Improve your administrative procedures thanks to Santinel’s expert approach. Responding to accident and illness cases entails significant expenses. You can cut these costs thanks to effective management strategies. Choose our unique strategy in order to boost your organization’s performance.

Our expert consultants can help you make better decisions when it comes to workplace injuries. We will provide effective tools to reduce financial losses related to an injury case, while preventing abuse of your occupational injury programs. Stop losing time and energy, thanks to Santinel’s guidance and expert information.

This cost-reduction solution includes:

  • Assessment of your organization’s policies regarding occupational injuries

  • Assessment of measures related to redaptation and reintegration in the workplace

  • Personalized post-accident procedures, documents, and forms

  • Training on legislation applicable to claims and compensation

Trust Santinel’s consultants with your most delicate cases. Choose to resolve problem cases smoothly by entrusting them to our experts. Some files can be complex, notably because they bear an emotional load. Choose to get help from specialists, benefit from a clear perspective, and acquire peace of mind.

Whether the case revolves around a severe accident, loss of life, or involves top executives, we can help you solve the issue. All you have to do is hand over your complex cases to us – we will take care of the rest. Of course, this service is fully customized to fit your needs. Our experts can take over the entire case or manage certain troublesome aspects.

This unique service includes:

  • strategic case management and analysis

  • Projections of available options and financial repercussions

  • Help with preparing or conducting meetings with injured workers or their representatives

  • Representation before the TAT or the CNESST

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