Industrial Hygiene Management

Each year, more than 80,000 products are used in the workplace. Some are harmless, while others are hazardous. These chemical risks also include extreme heat, noise, radiation and other aggressors. The evaluation and the management of risks constitute the area of industrial hygiene. If you wish to evaluate and prevent hazards in your company or to validate your procedures, consult Santinel for customized training and services.

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Take charge of your business’ industrial hygiene management, thanks to Santinel.

Did you know that the legislation in force requires the elimination of potential hazards to the health and safety of workers at the source? Implementing hygiene management measures helps in meeting your preventative objectives significantly, especially when it comes to contamination. To achieve this, we support employers with services such as screening, measuring, prevention, protection and monitoring against risks.

We can also help set up management procedures against thermal stress, radiations, hazardous products, lighting, noise, vapours, gas, asbestos, etc. The audit service is ideal for validating your compliance with norms as it evaluates the legal conformity and the level of protection necessary for your workers and your environment.

The processes established in your organization will be taken into account during the audit to offer you more personalized recommendations. Please note that we can also act as a reference in the development of such procedures. Our experts in industrial hygiene will assist you in your desired tasks, and whatever your preference, we remain at your disposal.

Equip your employees and be ready for a CNESST inspection! Help your organization effectively manage and control hazardous materials. Santinel offers you expert solutions for creating or updating a computerized database of all the products used in your environment. As the law requires such a list, you will achieve compliance while ensuring prevention in your business.

Our experts will produce a document that will include more or less information. Depending on your needs, the database can be limited to the product name, code, and name of the supplier, or it can be more substantial to include summary datasheets for quick and efficient use.

As with safety issues, there are a large number of standards and regulations in the field of industrial hygiene. Given the substantial amount of contaminants present in the workplace, it can sometimes become challenging to find a way around. Not to mention that disregarding these regulations can negatively impact the health of workers and lead to financial penalties.

To avoid these mishaps, employers must put together preventive methods and enforce law-abiding measures. Of course, Santinel can verify that you comply with the current legislation. Our services consist of identifying and assessing your organization’s level of conformity relative to the applicable standards, depending on your workers’ exposure to contaminants.

Thanks to detailed reports, you will know what actions to take to protect and prevent your workers from developing occupational-related diseases.

Industrial hygiene is a specialized field in occupational health and safety. Besides specific scientific knowledge, it requires scientific equipment for measurement, sampling, and laboratory analysis. Our industrial hygiene outsourcing services help companies of all sizes meet CNESST standards.

Thanks to our unique approach, they now have access to expert advice from industrial hygiene professionals and specialized equipment. This outsourcing service is flexible to suit your requirements. For instance, you may need daily, weekly, monthly or yearly interventions integrated into an industrial hygiene program.

Whatever your preference, Santinel will develop, in collaboration with health and safety services, the best options for your business.

If you wish to control better and manage the hazards to which your workers are exposed, please consult Santinel. Our experts have the proper training for any chemical or hazardous material and will be able to guide you in your process. We have a wide range of specialized collaborators with knowledge in fields such as chemistry, physics, biology, toxicology, and medicine.

According to the American Industrial Hygiene Association, industrial hygiene is “both a science and an art devoted to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, prevention, and control of those environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace which may cause sickness, impaired health and well being, or significant discomfort among workers or among citizens of the community.”

This definition highlights the three main activities of this profession:

  1. Identifying the contaminants present in the workplace and understanding its effects on the worker.

  2. The evaluation of these contaminants by specific methods of measurement and analysis.

  3. Implementing measures to control these contaminants or even eliminate them if necessary.

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Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Industrial Hygiene Management Solutions

There are many solutions to manage your organization’s industrial hygiene effectively. Consult Santinel for personalized service that complies with the rules.

Entrust us with the management of industrial hygiene to our experts and with all the challenges it poses. Based on the information contained in the safety data sheets (WHMIS) of your products and a qualitative assessment of the risks of exposure, Santinel will make a quantitative assessment of risk exposure.

Our experts will determine your level of compliance with legal standards and will propose solutions in terms of priority. They will determine, if necessary, the parameters of a medical monitoring program. When your entire file is under control, Santinel will provide annual follow-ups, to give you real peace of mind.

Are you dealing with a derogation or a requirement from a CNESST inspector? Santinel supports you throughout these steps. Upon approval from superiors, our experts can meet with the inspectors to understand their requirements and their provenance. Then, we will determine whether these demands are justified and the appropriate way to respond to them.

Some solutions may need improvement or to confirm whether the identified problems are valid or not. Sometimes these thorny cases can involve talking, negotiating, and disputing with the inspector’s decision before the CNESST authorities. For whatever avenue, our experts have the right to intervene for the good of your organization.

This solution is ideal for dealing with complaints or concerns from employees regarding their work environment. In collaboration with your internal decision-makers, we will meet with employees to pin down their worries and analyze group dynamics.

We will then outline employees and managers on the steps undertaken to assess the level of safety at work, an assessment that will confirm or refute their concerns. If the context requires, we will present and explain the results obtained in simple, lay terms, at all levels of your organization.

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