Training – Working in the Presence of High-Risk Asbestos

Certification valid for 3 years

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Obtain a safe and regulatory approach of working that will protect your team! Does your organization have to perform work in the presence of asbestos and is there a high risk of exposure for your workers? Ensure optimal management and safe methodology with Santinel’s unique expertise!

Designed to meet the most stringent requirements, our training on working with asbestos will become your best asset in prevention. First, our trainers will raise your workers’ awareness on risks and identification. Then, they will teach current regulations and the safety procedures to respect to effectively avoid exposure to asbestos. And, of course, members of your organization will learn the right working methods to protect their health and that of their colleagues.

In short, our training will help your workers contribute to their own safety and that of their colleagues. Your entire company will benefit. Contact us to book your training on high risk asbestos work.

Learning series:

  • Better protect one’s health by discovering the various effects of asbestos, in addition to the standards and obligations to be applied during risky tasks.
  • Discover methods for sampling, correctly interpret the obtained results and identify the risks.
  • Deepen one’s knowledge of the means of individual or collective protection and the equipment to use.
  • Develop work procedures that will limit risks and effectively control the emission of asbestos dust.

Plan and carry out your work efficiently in the presence of asbestos. Santinel offers you its know-how to ensure the health of your team, as well as your compliance with the laws! In fact, workers who perform tasks in the presence of asbestos or materials likely to contain asbestos must absolutely be trained. Our training has been designed to meet these legal requirements and guarantee a high level of protection!

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