Bridge Cranes & Hoists

Acquire essential tools to ensure safe use and efficient management for lifting equipment. Santinel provides outstanding solutions and training programs designed to meet your organization’s needs.

Bridge Crane & Hoist Services and Strategies

Santinel offers lifting equipment services and strategies tailored to your needs. Our expert solutions are fully customized to fit your industry and organization. Choose our unique approach and bring lasting changes to your workplace safety practices.

Assess the safety of your handling areas and take steps to prevent accidents. Let Santinel analyze and improve the layout and practices of your handling areas. Proper use of lifting devices is defined by complex factors. Our auditing services bring you the advantage of a comprehensive and accurate safety analysis. Our ultimate goal is to ensure optimal workplace safety at all times.

Santinel’s experts will tour your facilities and observe bridge cranes and hoists. We will assess handling procedures and existing safety measures. Even small details can make a difference: clearances, lighting, load types, proximity of passageways, etc. Thanks to our advice, you will reduce workplace risks and ensure safety for all employees.

Take advantage of sound advice from our expert consultants. Are you facing specific issues related to lifting equipment, bridge cranes, or hoists? You can count on Santinel’s experts to assess whether a specific operation is safe or the distance from other equipment is acceptable.

Our consulting and coaching services help you address any issue in your organization. Get answers from trustworthy advisors in order to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and improve workplace safety. If required, we can help you come up with customized procedures for specialized projects.

We can also provide support strengthening your organization’s safety policies. With Santinel, you benefit from advice that fits your world. Contact us today.

Ensure that your equipment is in good condition and perform all your operations safely.Choose peace of mind, knowing that your elevating equipment is safe for workers. Santinel helps you come up with a comprehensive inspection strategy tailored to your needs. Take advantage of our efficient and trustworthy solutions and improve elevating device safety in your organization.

Our experts can validate your inspection procedures for all kinds of lifting machinery: bridge cranes, jib cranes, hoists, winches, etc. Our advice and technical support ensure compliance with applicable regulations and help you improve operational, periodic, structural or other inspections.

We also empower your workers to create their own checklists for inspection items, procedures, and schedules.Our inspection strategies effectively prepare you to recognize problems and prevent accidents.

Choose an accessible and efficient management strategy for your bridge cranes and other lifting equipment. Get expert support as you adopt an effective elevating device strategy. Trust Santinel’s advisors to walk you through each step, from conception to completion. Our consultants improve safety for all operations involving bridge cranes, hoists, or other lifting equipment.

Thanks to our unparalleled approach, we can resolve any issue related to equipment use, inspection, and storage. Moreover, we help define your organization’s policies and each party’s roles and responsibilities. Our unique strategies also allow you to follow up on training programs and safety control measures.

Our expert advisors work directly with your teams in order to better understand your organization’s practices. Our management strategies are fully tailored to your industry and operations, which is why our recommendations are always on target when it comes to safety management.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Bridge Crane & Hoist Solutions

Choose Santinel for our unique and integrated safety services and get solutions that meet your goals. Our experts help you address all safety concerns and facilitate prevention activities.

Take advantage of our experts’ proactive support and unlimited resources. Do you need help for your elevating equipment strategies and procedures? You can rely on Santinel’s unparalleled expertize. Our consultants provide professional and complete support as you take steps to ensure safety within your organization.

We work hard to address the needs of all types of organizations and industries. Thanks to our experience and expertize, we assess and identify all risk factors in your workplace. We also work closely with your employees to implement better safety practices. Our unique turnkey solutions cover essential elements for sound OHS management of lifting equipment:

  • Equipment inspection and storage.

  • Safety procedures for use of bridge cranes, hoists, etc.

  • Signage, communication, and traffic in handling areas.

  • Safety training and better operating procedures for lifting equipment workers.

Reinforce your safety plan and ensure that your strategies are compliant with regulations. Take a life-changing step to improve workplace safety. Contact Santinel today for our outstanding elevating equipment strategies.

Reflect on your safety practices and take corrective actions. Trust Santinel to audit your procedures. Take advantage of our comprehensive safety report to improve your inspections and procedures for using lifting equipment. Our experts provide invaluable tools for managing bridge cranes, hoists, and other elevating devices.

First, we perform a full environmental analysis in order to ensure that your organization is compliant with applicable regulations. We assess workers’ practices, use of lifting equipment, and inspection procedures.

Our auditing solutions cover the following items:

  • All elevating equipment used by your organization

  • Chain slings and related equipment

  • Equipment storage

  • Handling areas

After the audit, we compare your results to existing standards and provide you with a full report including recommended corrective measures. At Santinel, we work hand in hand with your organization and keep your operations at the heart of the auditing process.

Let us share our knowledge and expertize with your leaders! Develop your managers’ good practices thanks to Santinel’s unique safety solutions. Our experts provide you with personalized coaching and help your leaders make risk assessment decisions and implement safety measures all on their own. Gain invaluable skills that will benefit both your organization and workers.

When you improve elevating equipment practises, so does your overall workplace safety. Our coaches can help your leaders to:

  • Develop observation and analysis skills when working with elevating devices.

  • Recognize hazardous situations as they arise.

  • Perform effective interventions with employees in order to avoid accidents.

Santinel’s advice allows you to easily recognize danger and ensure workplace safety at all times. Empower your managers to ensure regulation compliance and gain your workers’ trust. Thanks to our outstanding coaching services, your entire organization gets the benefit of improved safety.

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