Training – Inventory and Materials Locating Likely to Contain Asbestos


Certification valid for 3 years

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Better manage asbestos risks through effective identification. There is no better way to improve your prevention against asbestos and avoid the many associated health risks than a complete inventory in your company! Indeed, asbestos is a fibrous mineral that can be found in various components and in different places. Santinel offers training that will help you find asbestos efficiently, wherever it is!

Our experts will first teach you the best methods to identify asbestos or detect components that may contain it. These lessons will then serve as a basis for making an accurate inventory of all materials likely to contain asbestos (MLCA). In addition, our trainers will provide you with tools and resources so that your tracking and inventory is done in the prescribed manner.

In short, you will have everything to ensure the safety of your workers and compliance with the standards.

Learning series:

  • Discover methods to effectively inspect the workplace and detect materials likely to contain asbestos (MLCA).
  • Locate asbestos even in less accessible areas such as exterior walls, the roof, boiler room and elevators.
  • Easily identify MLCA, especially in flocking, heat insulating and other components that often incorporate asbestos.
  • Effectively complete the preventive management register by entering relevant information as a result of the audits.

Your entire prevention approach will be facilitated by Santinel’s unique and personalized approach, as our goal is to give practical help to those in charge of your asbestos management program. Whether they are managers or members of your health and safety committee, rest assured that our experts will adapt the training to their specific needs and issues.

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