Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Are you thinking about setting up an OHS committee within your company? You are well on your way to consolidating your company's prevention efforts and establishing a solid health and safety culture.

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Choose excellence and efficiency for all things occupational health and safety. Learn more about our services and strategies designed for OHS committees.

Does your organization already have an occupational health & safety committee? You are on the right path to creating a strong safety culture in your organization. Do you want to make sure that your committee is efficient and has all the tools to carry out their mission? Santinel’s auditing services can help you optimize safety by investigating your existing committee’s operations.

We can evaluate your committee’s protocols and related documentation, as well as meet with committee members, directors and workers. This way, we establish the full picture and come up with suggestions that go a long way to improve your prevention efforts, while respecting your organization’s existing protocols and regulations.

Evaluating your committee benefits everyone in the short and long run and helps make your committee more efficient. Whether you just formed your OHS team, added new members, or want to support your experienced committee, it is always time to reset the way you do things.

Do you already have an occupational health and safety committee? Perhaps you need advice on how to conduct OHS meetings. Santinel’s experts help you increase your committee’s efficiency and give you practical tools to ensure that your meetings run smoothly. With our guidance, you can reap maximum benefits and meet your OHS goals.

Our coaches help your committee run successful meetings that achieve the goals of members and directors alike. We inspire your committee to split tasks evenly between members and focus on mutual assistance, cooperation, and motivation during meetings. Your coach’s feedback allows your team to work efficiently to address real risks that threaten your organization, all the while creating a strong prevention culture.

Make sure that your occupational health and safety committee has adequate tools when it comes to prevention. Santinel helps you develop practical management tools to ensure that your prevention initiatives meet your goals.

Our experts will help your committee achieve its goals, such as inspecting worksite, investigating, analyzing and following up on accident enquiries, producing statistics, offering training, and promoting safe WHMIS use, industrial hygiene, good use of PPE and so on.

We can also help you respect standards, laws, and regulations that apply to your organization, come up with a course of action during litigation, and direct you to additional tools and resources, such as applicable worksheets and forms, useful procedures, and efficient action plans.

Take advantage of our expertise. Santinel cumulates years of experience in occupational health and safety committee management and interventions. Whether you are forming a committee because of legal obligations or following a company decision, you should learn how a committee operates, why it exists, and what challenges it could face. Setting up a committee may seem complex, which is why we are here to help.

Choose Santinel and get all the tools to build an efficient and proactive prevention team.Your committee can turn to us to define operating rules, come up with useful tools, or help with any other matter.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Personalized Solutions

Whether your existing committee is old or new, we can guide you towards your occupational health and safety goals.

Setting up an occupational health and safety committee may require some adjustments on the way. Santinel helps you achieve excellent results and get the most out of your committee. Our unique methods help us investigate and diagnose the existing committee’s proceedings. The audit helps recommend future actions and come up with a concrete strategy to boost your committee’s efficiency.

After the audit, we meet with directors to help them oversee and support the OHS team, in order to promote positive changes in the long run. If required, we meet with committee members individually in order to increase their skills and knowledge. We can also create or adapt procedures, agendas, and minutes specifically for your organization.

Our experts can also coach you on how to run efficient meetings. Whether you are facing simple or complex OHS challenges, we are here to help you, your committee, and each one of its members.

You surely know that creating an occupational health and safety committee helps protect your employees’ well-being. If you need help, Santinel has multiple tools to walk you through the process.Our experts can support you in the initial stages of setting up your committee. We can also develop outlines for protocols, agendas and minutes and help your team run efficient meetings.

Count on us for auditing your occupational health and safety committee and ensuring its efficiency. Santinel also provides reports, assessments, and recommendations to help you make lasting positive changes.Get help from our experts as you start your committee and protect yourself from common pitfalls. Contact us for more details.

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