Aerial Buckets & Lifting Platforms

Protect your aerial bucket and lifting platform operators thanks to our effective training programs and control measures. Santinel’s unique expertize helps you raise risk awareness among workers and increase safety in your organization.

Aerial Bucket & Lifting Platform Services & Programs

Do you wish to protect your lifting equipment operators? Santinel has all the answers concerning self-propelled and non-powered elevating platforms, aerial buckets, and other carrier equipment. Choose from our wide range of services and get a solution that fits your organization. Thanks to our unique approach, you can ensure maximum occupational health and safety during operations.

Turn to Santinel for professional services ranging from simple advice to comprehensive OSH management strategies. Take advantage of our fully customized approach and find solutions to aerial equipment concerns. Depending on your most pressing needs, our experts can advise you on risk assessment, inspections, rescue procedures, etc.

We can even put together a complete program to help you address safety issues related to aerial buckets and lift platforms. Santinel’s consultants care about providing your workers with quality training and improving overall safety. We work closely with elevating equipment operators and supervisors in order to raise risk awareness.

Our training sessions teach optimal equipment use, effective safety measures, and better operating skills.Let us equip your organization with effective tools to improve everyday safety in the workplace.

Learn to inspect your equipment down to the last bolt!

Learn adequate inspection methods and prevent accidents caused by lifting machinery. Santinel’s comprehensive program answers all your maintenance needs and ensures compliance with applicable regulations. We provide your workers with invaluable and complete information: what to inspect, how often, and how.

Take advantage of Santinel’s outstanding expertize and let your workers learn how to assess lifting equipment at a glance and carry out safe and efficient inspections. We provide a clear inspection handbook that includes detailed procedures and customized inspection worksheets.

We make managing inspections even easier by setting up a follow-up system that meets your needs. Choose our expert inspection strategies and bring your elevating device inspections to the next level.

Equip yourself with a detailed handbook that includes guidelines for work at height procedures and policies.
Santinel helps you set up a comprehensive management system for all your aerial bucket and lifting platform needs. Our innovative strategies help you improve safety methods and ensure that workers are always safe.

Our customized safety handbook is written by experts and includes all procedures and policies related to using, inspecting, and maintaining aerial equipment. It also outlines each party’s roles and responsibilities, specifies recommended training for all equipment users, and comes with customized inspection worksheets and other useful documentation.

This expert solution provides a clear way to convey invaluable safety information to your team leaders and workers.Choose Santinel’s aerial equipment handbook and take a big step towards aerial bucket and lifting platform safety.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Aerial Bucket & Lifting Platform Solutions

Get all the answers to your elevating equipment concerns. Our effective solutions are fully customized to meet your organization’s safety needs. Choose Santinel for its outstanding approach to workplace safety and get quick results.

Choose peace of mind thanks to our comprehensive approach to safety. Trust Santinel’s experts for all you aerial bucket and lifting platform needs. We address all your concerns, from training workers to setting up inspection strategies. This way, instead of worrying about safety, you can fully focus on your operations.

Our turnkey solutions ensure that your workplace is safe for employees and compliant with applicable regulations. Team up with Santinel and get all the tools you need, ranging from usage procedures to inspection solutions.

Our turnkey services are provided by experts and include:

  • Building and implementing inspection strategies for aerial equipment.

  • Providing training to aerial bucket and lifting platform operators on topics such as risk assessment, rescue procedures, and adequate equipment operation.

  • Teaching you to implement protective measures, inspect equipment, and recognize problem situations.

Take the time to confirm that your lifting equipment inspection procedures are regulation-compliant. By ensuring that your organization follows all applicable laws and standards, you take extra steps to improve aerial equipment safety. Our experts provide invaluable prevention tools and help you comply with applicable regulations. We guide you as you adjust your organization’s work at height procedures and support you in maintaining your aerial buckets and platforms in good condition.

Santinel’s trustworthy consultants can audit your inspection program and verify the following points:

  • Equipment is compliant with applicable standards and regulations.

  • Inspections are carried out on schedule.

  • All supporting documentation is properly stored for safekeeping.

  • Your inspection methods are compliant with existing standards.

Santinel’s audit helps you compare your performance to existing regulations. We help you determine whether your procedures are safe and follow applicable standards.

Our experts provide a detailed audit report and recommendations to bring you up to existing standards. Choose our comprehensive compliance solutions and ensure that your workplace is safe for all employees.

Give your managers the support they need and ensure occupational health and safety for your workers. Reduce workplace hazards and prevent accidents by encouraging your leaders to develop their observation skills and knowledge. Santinel’s experts provide unparalleled coaching services for all elevation gear situations. What could be better than advice from aerial work specialists to help you protect your teams?

Choose our professional coaching solutions and solve all your aerial bucket and lifting platform issues. Our expert consultants work hand in hand with your managers. Together, we find solutions that work for everyone and meet your organization’s needs.

Our support and coaching services help your managers improve the following skills:

  • Analyzing and observing elevating work situations.

  • Taking effective steps to prevent accidents.

Choose Santinel’s outstanding coaching services and build your workers’ skills and confidence for work at height.

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