Simulations and other services

In addition to courses and first aid equipment, we also offer certain services aimed at companies wishing to improve the skills of their rescuers, as well as those who are starting from scratch and looking for a turnkey service.

Our health and safety training

To avoid having to open your first aid kit too often, build a solid culture of occupational health and safety in your workplace. Check out some of our accident prevention training.

Our most popular services

With our turnkey solution, you can stop worrying about rescuing and first aid in your organization. Santinel takes care of everything.

You will have peace of mind and know that members of your organization can intervene efficiently in case of a medical emergency or a work accident. We will ensure that your organization is fully compliant to all applicable regulations regarding first aid and rescuing.

We will :

  • Audit your existing rescuing system
  • Inspect your first-aid kits and fill them as needed
  • Train your employees
  • Keep your employees’ knowledge up to date
  • Perform annually an emergency simulation tailored to your organization’s risks.

Your rescue and first-aid attendants will be well prepared to help a colleague when the need arises.

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Rental of first aid services

Are you planning an event that requires the presence of first-aid attendants? Contact us and get access to reliable rescuers who keep their skills and techniques up-to-date, since they are also first-aid instructors.

Does your organization or construction site require the presence of a first-aid attendant, but your regular rescuer can not show up? Santinel can provide you with a first-aid attendant for the duration of the work shift, so that you can be compliant with regulations at all times.

You can count on us for all your first-aid needs when you are planning your next sports, cultural, or social event. We can also help cover during vacation time or a scheduled annual operation shutdown.

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Simulation session

What better way is there to keep your first-aid workers alert and up-to-date regarding their interventions as rescuers in the workplace than by testing their knowledge?

Santinel allows you to simulate events, accidents or any other situations where the intervention of your first-aid workers may be required. With the help of an expert trainer, your first-aid workers will have the opportunity to practice their interventions and to review their protocols on “real” victims. To make the simulation more real, we can even call on experienced make-up artists who can give your participants the impression they are really taking care of an injured worker.

Your first-aid workers will therefore be able to practice and commit errors during a simulation and in a context of learning and development. This service is suitable for all types of businesses, with simulations ranging from a heart attack to traumatic amputations, depending on the risks specific to your environment. To test your first-aid workers or to provide a quality demonstration during a health-and-safety theme day, consider Santinel’s sessions of scenarios and simulations.

More information

Are you hesitating between buying and renting a defibrillator? Do you have a very specific need, but you can't find an appropriate solution? Do you need more information about or training programs or products? We will be delighted to answer all your requests.

Santinel : your partner in first aid

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Why choose Santinel?

  • Experience | In business for 40 years, we train more than 60% of all rescuers working in childcare settings

  • Availability | We offer day, evening and weekend classes throughout Quebec, all year round.

  • Quality | When we are not providing training, we work as a team to improve our teaching methods because our work, like your success, is important to us!

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Need equipment?

Of course, rescuers need first aid equipment to fulfill their responsibilities. Whether you are in search of usual equipment or specialized equipment, such as automated external defibrillators (AED), we can assist you in selecting the right product.  Note that all our first aid kits comply with the new standards in effect since March 17, 2021.

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