Hot Work Operations

Learn to recognize dangers related to hot work operations thanks to Santinel’s expertize. Our outstanding approach helps you safely carry out operations such as welding, grinding, and oxy-fuel cutting.

Services & Strategies

Choose Santinel’s expertize and put a term to hot work-related hazards. Our wide range of services and strategies meet the needs of organizations from all industries and operational background. Take advantage of our unparalleled support and turn down the heat on hot work operations.

Enjoy peace of mind when it comes to specialized operations involving hot work. Adopt safe procedures thanks to Santinel’s job safety analysis (JSA). You can count on us for large-scale projects, high-risk operations, and everyday workplace safety. Our experts ensure smooth execution for all your hot work activities.Thanks to our specialized JSA services, you get an overview of required safety actions for a specific task.

We also provide invaluable advice on matters such as risk assessment, personal protection equipment, recommended tools, work procedures, and control measures (security perimeters, supervisors, firefighting equipment, etc.). Thanks to Santinel, you have the means to ensure that your activities are safe at all times.

Get expert advice when and where you need it the most. Take advantage of customized consults and get answers to all your questions. Santinel’s coaching services range from occasional advice to a comprehensive study of your workplace procedures. We pursue one goal: providing accurate answers to all your big and small concerns.

So ask away and find solutions to your hot work concerns thanks to our expertize. You can also trust us to develop specific step-by-step procedures for your large-scale or high-risk projects. Our experts ensure your workers’ safety, even in complex cases involving flammable substances or multi-floor operations.

Recognize and control all hot work hazards.
Do your activities pose a high fire risk? Take advantage of Santinel’s hot work management strategies for operations such as grinding, soldering, or cutting. Our services are designed to address your concerns. We help you recognize potential hazards and implement appropriate safety measures. First, our experts assess your facilities and operations. Then, we create a management strategy tailored to your needs.

Your leaders receive a hot work certification, which consists in a complete safety checklist and ensures that recommended steps are followed. Thanks to Santinel, your organization can become self-sufficient for planning activities, training employees, inspecting equipment, and controlling risks.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Hot Work Solutions

Let us resolve all your hot work issues. Take advantage of a solution that meets your needs! Santinel’s personalized services bring you an unparalleled customized approach. Contact us to get answers to your questions today.

Improve safety procedures thanks to our complete assessment and customized management tools. Trust Santinel for a comprehensive solution to all your hot work needs. Our outstanding expertize provides unlimited resources to help you implement strict safety actions. Make sure that your employees respect existing regulations and safely carry out their tasks.

As we help you achieve your safety goals, we perform a full assessment of your activities. We start by inspecting the facilities used for your operations. Then we help adjust your workplace procedures. You can take advantage of a wide range of services included in our turnkey solution.

We can:

  • Write a hot work management program, and include it in your general workplace safety strategy.

  • Recommend and implement risk control measures.

  • Create a hot work certification specifically for your organization

  • Train operators, supervisors, and managers.

  • Develop safety procedures for non-standard or high-risk operations.

Empower your leaders to better manage hot work operations. Support your supervisors thanks to hot work training and simplify safety management. Santinel’s coaching services teach your managers key elements of workplace safety and prevention, a skill that benefits your entire organization.

We provide customized support based on your industry and challenges. Our mission is to help your leaders become self-sufficient in terms of hot work safety. We empower them to assist other workers and build the following skills:

  • Identifying tasks that require hot work and planning accordingly.

  • Setting up all necessary safety and control measures.

  • Observing and supervising recommended safety steps for each task.

  • Intervening quickly and effectively with workers in order to avoid accidents.

Provide your leaders with the right tools and ensure long-term safety in your organization.

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