Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)

Tendonitis, bursitis, epicondylitis... Has your staff never been equipped to know how to avoid musculoskeletal disorders and back pain? By teaching safe work methods, Santinel can help you ensure that the prevention of MSD becomes a habit for your employees.

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In a workplace, MDS (Musculoskeletal Disorders) almost always develop over the medium- and long- term—that is, the underlying factors are not all apparent at first glance. In this context, it becomes necessary to conduct a comprehensive inventory of MDS risk factors in the company, such as awkward postures, repetition of the same gestures and methods of working or overly intense exertions, in order to then apply appropriate corrective action.Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)

Santinel’s experts know how to provide a full overview of MDS risks, job by job, according to various parameters such as: movements, grip, the characteristics of the tools or products handled (weight, shape), the physical characteristics of the worker, the areas affected (height, distance), the conditions of the execution of the task and its duration, etc. On this factual basis, we can then develop with you strategies for prevention at the source of the problem and provide practical and affordable solutions for the problems identified.

Year after year, back pain and “itis diseases” such as tendonitis, epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and bursitis affect about 45,000 workers in Quebec. In fact, MSD (musculoskeletal disorders) represent over 40% of the costs of compensation for occupational injuries in the province. And if the problem persists, it is because its causes are complex and multifaceted.

The workers themselves, however, are well placed to help you identify MDS hazards associated with certain tasks or certain equipment. Santinel can collect basic information and the opinions and suggestions of your staff in this regard, by using surveys, questionnaires, group meetings or individual interviews to help you get the most complete picture of the situation. You would then have one more tool in hand to help you become aware of the scope of the problem, improve conditions, identify priorities for action and, most importantly, understand the work environment.

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When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

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In order to prevent occupational hazards, your staff must be able to assess problematic situations. Santinel will help you raise awareness by coaching your management teams suitably. Following the coaching, the management team members will have the tools to be able to:

  • Develop the habit of observing and analyzing the posture of employees while they are performing their tasks
  • Provide effective interventions for workers to avoid injuries

Awareness being the most effective way to prevent unfortunate situations, you stack the odds in your favour by providing your team members with the appropriate tools.

Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) are the most common occupational diseases in many industries. To improve the quality of life and productivity of your employees, Santinel will develop strategies using a comprehensive approach which include:

  • Analysis of tasks that require physical exertion or pose a risk for MSD (intense physical exertion, repetitive motion, awkward or static postures, standing for long periods, load handling, computer work, etc.).
  • Develop learning activities and testing good techniques
  • Evaluate arrangements, tools and means of prevention as well as the techniques used
  • Training that is customized to the needs of the company
  • Post-training coaching to determine whether the best practices developed for the company are in practical application.

You will receive a report describing the scope of actions to take in order to plan effective interventions.

Prévention des maux de dos

Did you know that back pain complaints are the very top reason for employer compensations? In any organization, a back injury usually causes employees to miss several days of work or even apply for disability. All things considered, preventing back pain is the smart thing to do.

Santinel can solve your back pain issues thanks to several effective solutions. Our toolbox includes surveys, questionnaires, risk assessment, personnel training, and business coaching.

Visit our back pain page to learn more.

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