When you prioritize ergonomics, you can help your workers prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), such as back pain. You can also uncover unexpected benefits, including increased well-being and productivity. Santinel’s ergonomics specialists can help you by focusing on effective solutions to physical, social, and mental challenges. We will introduce you to new work methods and inexpensive equipment that can significantly improve your workers’ comfort, while protecting them from MSDs.

Ergonomics Services & Strategies

Optimize your workspace’s functional design thanks to Santinel’s outstanding expertise.

Working in an office comes at its own risks. Most office jobs require employees to stay still for extended periods of time. Therefore, you should ensure that all workstations are carefully configured and present minimal risks, especially when employees are required to work extended hours. Does your organization have a large number of office workers? Santinel’s ergonomics crew can start by touring your office in order to adjust all desktop workstations.

During our tour, we will interview your workers and promote good working postures and habits. Basic habits include placing both feet flat on the ground, resting one’s back against the back of the chair, ensuring a good chair adjustment, resting one’s eyes by looking far ahead, performing stretching movements regularly, etc.

During our tour, Santinel’s specialists will also help identify workstations that require more significant adjustments or need to be reconfigured altogether. Does your office require many changes? At the end of the tour, Santinel’s ergonomics specialists will provide you with a detailed report that includes valuable recommendations.

Are you concerned with a large number of workstations in your organization? Do your employees experience major discomfort related to their posture? Santinel brings you a simple solution. Our ergonomics team will visit your organization in order to perform a workstation assessment wherever required.

We will assess problematic workstations (workspace, external devices, chair, etc.), interview employees, and gather all information related to alleged pain (if relevant) and everyday tasks. We will also observe workers in their daily routine to identify potential problems. Once Santinel’s evaluation has been completed, we will provide you with a detailed report containing our observations and recommendations.

We recommend performing an ergonomic assessment before workers complain about pain. In fact, assessments should be routinely performed whenever reorganizing the office or welcoming new or returning employees.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Our comprehensive solutions

Optimize your space when redesigning your office and help your employees save time and energy. Santinel can help you configure your workspace based on information such as passageways, workstation access and walking distance between significant points. All these facts should be taken in account in order to improve your office planning.

In addition, if you choose our office planning services, Santinel’s consultants will advise you as you purchase equipment and office furniture. We will ensure that every item suits your organization’s ergonomic needs and requirements. Please note that Santinel is not affiliated with furniture or equipment suppliers. Therefore, we have your best interests at heart and  strive to provide optimal solutions at lower costs.

Santinel’s ergonomic solutions cover most subjects related to your worker’s wellbeing. However, if your organization has a major MSD issue, Santinel can provide targeted solutions tailored to your needs. This can be relevant if your workers regularly perform assignments that require repetitive or static work, significant muscular energy or heavy weight-lifting, which pose significant risks.

Santinel offers several solutions for musculoskeletal disorder prevention. Surveys, questionnaires, risk assessment, personnel training, or business coaching can be part of your solution.

Visit Santinel’s MSD page to learn more.

Did you know that back pain complaints are the very top reason for employer compensations? In any organization, a back injury usually causes employees to miss several days of work or even apply for disability. All things considered, preventing back pain is the smart thing to do.

Santinel can solve your back pain issues thanks to several effective solutions. Our toolbox includes surveys, questionnaires, risk assessment, personnel training, and business coaching.

Visit our back pain page to learn more.

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