Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Did you know that you can curb occupational risks in the workplace by using proper personal protective equipment? Choose Santinel for our expertize and learn to select appropriate equipment by identifying, analyzing, and controlling workplace risks.

Personal Protective Equipment Services & Strategies

Trust Santinel to meet all your personal protective equipment needs.

Evaluate risks accurately and make smart personal protective equipment choices. Is your occupational health and safety committee struggling to make choices when it comes to PPE? Let us help. First, Santinel’s experts assess your organization’s risks and improve procedures.

Then, we teach you what really matters when you select PPE. Together we explore each equipment’s characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, maintenance, easy fitting, etc. Considering the wide range of equipment on the market, choosing PPE that suits your organization can be difficult.

With our experts’ advice, you can stop hesitating and struggling. Empower your committee to make independent and effective choices that suit your needs.

Santinel’s experience and flexible services help you meet your organization’s goals when it comes to protective gear. Our team will offer you expert advice, even in complex cases such as these:

  • You just hired many new workers and you must train them to inspect, use, and properly maintain respirators.

  • You wish to hire a contractor to perform periodical qualitative tests on respiratory protective equipment.

  • You are making significant changes to your production and you wish to reorganize and reinforce your respiratory protection strategy, including risk assessment and safety logbooks.

  • You are struggling to choose a PPE management strategy that works or you are failing to pinpoint your strategy’s shortcomings.

Trust our unique approach. With Santinel, you can meet your goals on time and at a reasonable cost.

Do your workers occasionally use respiratory protective equipment (RPE)? You can outsource fitting tests to Santinel’s experts. This way, you can ensure that your equipment is compliant with applicable regulations.

Every employer must make sure that respirators are well adjusted and employees are safe. Every worker must wear the proper RPE for their job. Respirators must fit well and be adjusted to the worker’s face. Santinel can perform a comprehensive evaluation of several criteria:

  • Does a worker know how to put on his mask and adjust the tension using straps?

  • Does the respirator tend to slide off?

  • Is the facial seal broken when the worker speaks?

  • What issues transpire from sensitivity and tasting tests?

  • Are tests results affected by the worker’s normal motions (deep breaths, up-and-down and side-to-side head motions)?

Santinel’s experts provide you with a copy of all test results in order to help you perform a follow-up. This way, you can be certain that you have fulfilled all your obligations as an employer.

Manage your personal protective equipment efficiently and make life easy for your workers thanks to Santinel’s solutions. Our unique strategy helps you access information about your equipment in order to quickly get clear answers. Our experts will help you find out what equipment you really need for your organization’s operations.

They will also help you organize gloves, helmets, glasses, boots, and other paraphernalia. As we help you set up a strategy, we will provide you with multiple registers to help you stay up to date when it comes to protective gear. These registers cover essential points, such as danger and field evaluation, choice of equipment, training, PPE inspections, and maintenance.

You will find our tools invaluable. Use them to determine risk levels, apply step-by-step procedures in order to choose proper protective equipment, or check compliance with regulations. Santinel’s registers will even help you teach workers, inspect protective gear, and maintain your PPE. With our unique strategy, you can manage your protective equipment efficiently and ensure your workers’ occupational health and safety.

Choose Santinel for our reliable strategies when it comes to protective equipment management. Our experts help you ensure optimal respiratory safety for all your workers. Our easy and well-structured program helps you meet your obligations as an employer. If your workers are exposed to contaminants, harmful substances must be identified and measured.

You must also provide adequate respiratory protection to your employees. Each time you introduce a new product or change a procedure, you must repeat the identification and measurement process. Santinel’s comprehensive program guides you through a respiratory protection protocol, such as these:

  • Sampling all contaminants used by workers or found in your workplace

  • Choosing an appropriate respirator

  • Adjusting protective equipment

  • Using, inspecting and maintaining equipment

  • Roles and responsibilities for each team player

  • All registers prescribed by applicable norms and regulations

Let Santinel be your stepping stone to self-sufficiency in all matters related to respiratory protection.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

PPE Solutions

Get complete answers that match your company’s needs when it comes to personal protective equipment.

Entrust all your PPE to Santinel’s expert turnkey service. Most workplaces and operations involve potential work hazards. All employees must use adequate personal protective equipment. As their employer, you must ensure that you offer them proper protective gear for every situation.

However, today’s market offers countless products, ranging from clothes, protective shoes, and gloves to respirators and helmets. How do you select the right equipment? Choose our turnkey service and get a comprehensive evaluation of all your PPE needs. We will examine all your data sheets, job safety analysis documentation, and operations.

We will then provide recommendations to help you select efficient and appropriate protective gear for every situation. Since Santinel does not deal in PPE, our interest lies in your safety. You can trust that our advice is always transparent and reliable.

Turn your supervisors into PPE experts to make sure that you follow regulations at all times.
Your managers are responsible for choosing appropriate personal protective gear for every task. This way, they take charge of their workers’ safety. Give your supervisors the right tools to make the right choices and fulfill their safety mission.

Santinel teaches your team leaders clear protocols and simple procedures that make PPE as easy as ABC. We train them to analyze risks, assess needs, and apply protocols when choosing proper equipment. Our experts also help you define roles and responsibilities for all those involved.

Selecting appropriate personal protective gear should not be left to chance. Let Santinel help you fulfill this essential responsibility in order to ensure a safe work environment.

Support your management team and help your organization acquire a positive PPE culture.
Personal protective gear is key in protecting your employees from workplace hazards. But what can you do if your organization does not promote the use of helmets, safety harnesses, protective glasses, hearing protectors, etc.?

Choose to coach team leaders and managers on PPE and you will see a real difference. Santinel’s experts can help your supervisors to better understand workers. Together, we will find out why workers engage in unsafe behaviours. Our tools will help your supervisors take positive actions and address reluctant workers effectively.

Our support program for managers allows you to promote the use of PPE and reach your target safety level. Sometimes, it takes only one step to create a healthy PPE culture in your organization. Contact Santinel to learn more.

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