Mould and Microorganisms

It’s a known fact: the presence of mould poses health risks. To prevent a work-related illness from mould exposure or to avoid contamination, consult Santinel for a thorough assessment and helpful advice. Thanks to our expert knowledge, we can help you find the right solution according to the extent of contamination and the harmful effect of mould. The health and safety of your workers is our top priority.

Have access to training courses developed by our occupational health and safety experts who know the risks and standards regarding mould and microorganisms. They will provide you with a full understanding of how to prevent and respond to these situations.

Prevent the spread and contamination of mould and microorganisms thanks to our services. Santinel has been a benchmark for companies for over 35 years in health and safety. Consult us today for a unique and integrated approach.

Do you need to start decontamination following an analysis that confirms the presence of mould and microorganisms? And you do not know the decontamination methods to implement or the protocols to follow?

Santinel is here to help you prepare a plan and train your staff on the decontamination procedures to initiate. Our experts will act in your best interest and are committed to maintaining your workers’ safety with respect to regulations. However, if the decontamination requires significant work, you can entrust it to a specialized contractor.

We can then help you prepare an estimate and even ensure monitoring. In this manner, you will be confident that everything goes as planned. In any case, we will carry out sampling and analysis to see if the work is successful and to certify the decontamination of the premises.

Some microorganisms are not dangerous and are even essential to us. On the other hand, others are harmful and pose health risks due to their nature and the degree of contamination. In many cases, mould is the root cause of allergies, asthma, conjunctivitis, bronchitis and severe pneumonia.

Although mould development can be apparent, contamination is often invisible to the naked eye as it hides behind walls, ceilings, and ventilation ducts. It’s usually when a worker shows symptoms of sickness that we discover fungus. That is why it is necessary to prevent the development of mould and quickly correct a situation that could lead to contamination.

Let us offer you complete and tailored support. Together we will make a summary assessment of the situation in your organization. We assess complaint history, alleged medical cases, and the degree of contamination. We will determine an intervention plan with you according to your priorities.

  • We will identify and localize the causes.

  • We will assess the actual scope of the problem by sampling the air and contaminated materials and identify microorganism species and their pathogenicity.

  • We will determine the sources of decontamination.

  • We will draft a report with recommendations.

If you wish for complete support, we will remain at your disposal for elaborating protocol, the cost estimate for decontamination, and even monitoring operations. In any case, we will assist you in presenting the final results to your employees.

There is mould in certain places in your facility.  Are you wondering about the potential dangers for your employees? Or, you received complaints about the possible presence of microorganisms and didn’t know what to do? You can call on Santinel for reassurance or promptly determine the best course of action in the event of fungal or bacterial contamination.

Above all, know that the analysis of mould taken from the air and contaminated materials is essential. Inspired by current scientific methods, our experts know how to collect samples according to the type of organism present. Following a lab analysis, they will inform you of the type and amount of each organism.

By comparing these values with those of a control sample and reference values, our specialists will provide a complete report of possible solutions. You will be better equipped and advised to make an informed decision and implement the appropriate solutions.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Solutions to Mould and Microorganisms

Building contamination from microorganisms like mould and bacteria is a relatively new phenomenon. As references, standards, and regulations are evolving rapidly, consult us for services personalized to your needs.

Are you dealing with significant contamination problems? By consulting us, we can help you in matters of employee complaints, health problems, CNESST and public health services interventions.We carry out many of our interventions with you.

Our services include a meeting of public services (CLSC, CNESST), contamination and risk assessment, medical advice for affected employees, evaluating various solutions, preparation of decontamination estimates, work supervision, post-work evaluation, information meetings and a communication program for employees.

Getting advice from an expert can be very useful when dealing with mould or microorganism issues. Whether you need answers to your employees’ questions or to be reassured, please contact us. We initially propose that you take the pulse of the situation by meeting with concerned employees and by broadcasting a briefing on mould.

We also take the time to analyze the current situation in your workplace and suggest possible assessment paths that will allow us to confirm the problem and its magnitude. If this is the case, we will suggest corrective measures and solutions. Throughout the process, we will remain present to disseminate clear and concise information to your workers.

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