Since 1981, Santinel has been active in two main areas: first aid and workplace health and safety management. With more than 120 OHS and first aid specialists, Santinel continues to be the reference for both its consulting and training services. 40 years later, we are pleased to support clients in all areas of OSH with a pragmatic approach and a cost-effective service.

Who we are?

Mission statement

Ensure the health and safety of everyone by providing as many people as possible with the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent work accidents and to intervene effectively in the event of an emergency.

Our vision

We want to continue to increase our impact on the safety of workplaces and living environments by offering services that are more innovative and more accessible than ever.

Our corporate values

Why do thousands of companies trust Santinel? Because our carefully considered values are at the heart of all our actions and decisions.

  • Dedication | Hard work, cutting-edge expertise, great team cohesion, we do everything possible to offer the highest quality service.

  • Respect | Respect is the cornerstone of all of our interpersonal relationships. Our company is not based on employees, customers and suppliers, but on human beings, and we try to never forget that.

  • Integrity | We strive at all times to be transparent in our communications and to provide the best possible listening in order to build a relationship of trust with our partners and to offer them solutions adapted to their reality.

  • Conviviality | While we approach our tasks with the utmost seriousness, we also take very seriously the preservation of a friendly work environment, punctuated by bursts of laughter, which is reflected in our customer service, as professional as it is warm.

Our loyal customers

Through our versatility, our clientele counts today close to 30,000 companies, diversified both in terms of size and industrial sector. One of our main objectives is to develop lasting relationships based on integrity and trust; that number continues to grow and our achievements keep evolving.

We are proud to introduce you to some of our customers, which we would like to thank for their collaboration and their contribution to our ever growing success.

What clients say about us

Santinel’s team has become our partner of choice for occupational health and safety. The consulting team is incredibly professional and really tried to provide efficient solutions that work for us. Their extensive knowledge of safety matters greatly helped improve our risk management performance.

Denis L.

What clients say about us

Let me stress our instructor’s infectious enthusiasm – he succeeded in making first aid classes fun, educational, relevant and professional, while involving every participant in the process. And that’s no small task!
Covering sensitive topics in a light setting where humor has its place requires lots of talent, even more so in a videoconference setting.

André Denis, directeur des projets spéciaux, BRP

What clients say about us

Here is what I like about Santinel: professional service, personalized follow-up, instructors who listen to our concerns… It happened that I called to plan last-minute classes or to discuss a topic I didn’t know how to address. Each time, I felt like the person on the line was truly listening to my needs and provided complete information and valuable solutions.

Sara Bouchard, Conseillère en ressources humaines, Omniplast

What clients say about us

Santinel’s team has always provided excellent technical support and training that met our needs. We are happy to rely on Santinel and we recommend them without hesitation.

Albani Boudreau, chef du service de l’immeuble, Grand Théâtre de Québec


  • Michel Dubeau incorporates Santinel, which is active in health-and-safety training. Its offices are in Saint-Hilaire.

  • When the LATMP (legislation on industrial accidents and occupational diseases) is enacted, Santinel expands its expertise in the management of accident records and contributions to the CSST. Santinel is recognized by the CSST as a training organization for first-aid in the workplace.

  • Santinel acquires Formation Urgence Vie (FUV) and RESQ, expanding its service offering throughout Quebec.

  • Santinel becomes one of the most important providers of first aid courses in Quebec. The team of instructors trains 4500 first aiders in the workplace every month.

  • A new partnership is established with Philips for the distribution of defibrillators.

  • Santinel turns to innovation. In collaboration with Connexence, EERS and HAZMAT SYSTEM, projects are developed: health and safety software, virtual reality training and e-learning.

  • 150 employees and collaborators

  • 55,000 first aiders trained annually

  • 30,000 companies that have benefited from our services

  • A range of services throughout Quebec

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