Identification, Inventory and Characterization of Materials Containing Asbestos

Certification valid for 3 years

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Protect your employees by controlling the presence of asbestos in your environment!

Did you know that in Quebec, roughly a hundred workers die each year as a result of exposure to asbestos? This is why in 2013, the CNESST put in place regulations on the identification of materials likely to contain asbestos (MLCA).

However, for managers who want to comply with these standards, it is sometimes difficult to know where and how to intervene. Asbestos fibres are found in various elements such as plaster walls or suspended ceiling tiles, but remain invisible to the naked eye. This is where Santinel training comes in!

Thanks to lessons conducted by our experts, you will be sure to find what you need! They will teach you effective techniques to identify MLCA and especially to limit the risks they represent. Training that will help you comply with the regulations while improving asbestos prevention risks in your business!

Learning series:

  • Develop your knowledge of materials likely to contain asbestos (MLCA) for easy identification.
  • Identify all MLCAs in your environment with our reliable and easy-to-follow inventory procedures.
  • Find out the level of risk and what to do if there is asbestos in your environment.
  • Create a comprehensive MLCA management program to protect your workers and comply with applicable laws.

Whether you are a manager or responsible for occupational health and safety, you will be easily be able to respect your obligations with our training!

Indeed, as stipulated by the Law, it is the responsibility of the employer to protect their workers. This obligation applies as much to employees in your organization as to contractors and external contractors. That’s why your managers must control the presence of asbestos in the air at all times and avoid any exposure!

Additionally, employees involved in the construction and maintenance of buildings are particularly at risk of exposure. If you manage teams in these areas or if your company is planning work, high vigilance is required!

With Santinel’s training, you will most certainly have all the tools you need to identify MLCA, conduct inventory and prevent risks. The best way to ensure your employees and contractors work in complete safety!

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