Working in the Presence of Asbestos, Lead and Mould

Certification valid for 3 years

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To prevent the many risks posed by asbestos, lead and mould, choose Santinel training. Thanks to their unique know-how, our experts will help you better manage the presence of one or more of these contaminants. You will easily achieve compliance while avoiding serious repercussions on the health of your team!

Indeed, this training will allow you to develop several prevention strategies against asbestos, lead and mould. You’ll discover tools like inspection, sampling and inventory. You will also learn how to effectively use protective equipment when a contaminant is present. Furthermore, our trainers will teach the basics of a contaminant management program.

In short, our training on asbestos, lead and mould will provide you with the resources to comply with current regulations and ensure your safety!

Learning series:

  • What to know about the presence of asbestos, lead and mould as well as the various risks caused by these contaminants.
  • The various standards and regulations when these contaminants are present or when work must be carried out near them.
  • Minimize exposure to asbestos, lead and mould by using protective equipment and strategies.
  • Develop an effective management program to better prevent risks to the health and safety of workers.
  • The risks and dangers associated with contaminants in the workplace.

Are your workers exposed to materials likely to contain asbestos, lead or mould? Protect your team with our personalized training. Our experts will help your workers, supervisors, managers and OHS committee members to effectively prevent and manage all risks. An essential asset to avoid contamination and health problems.

Our trainers will provide resources and tools to face all your challenges, whatever your context. Even if your workers have to work in the presence of several contaminants, our methods will provide you with the appropriate answers. With Santinel, you will always have the solutions and strategies suited to your needs.

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