Job safety analysis

Trust Santinel with task safety analysis. Our experts work to prevent workplace accidents and illnesses caused by inadequate task performance. Santinel helps you manage, identify, analyze, and avert company-related risks, thanks to appropriate preventive measures.

Courses and training

Learn about our job safety analysis and occupational safety courses. Our courses are developed by OHS experts and bring an asset for your employees and your organization.

Services & Strategies

Santinel provides job safety analysis strategies and services for all lines of business. Contact us to get personalized advice.

Do you know which tasks pose a risk to your workers? Thanks to our task observation program, you can prevent risks with precision. In fact, Santinel’s program is the last step for your enterprise’s job safety analysis. Our experts classify the main risks for each job. They also create personalized forms specific to your business and come up with a plan of action for risk prevention. Contact us for high-quality service and a risk assessment strategy that works.

A risk-aware worker is more likely to protect his own health and safety and those of his coworkers. If you wish to change your team’s behaviour, talk to us. Our experts come up with targeted intervention strategies to reinforce your workers’ safe behaviours.

By observing job processes and following Santinel’s established guidelines, our specialists pinpoint the root causes of your employees’ behaviour on the job. If needed, we can work with employees to build safety awareness or coach your managing team to create a culture of risk prevention.

Some employees unknowingly perform their job in a way that poses risks to their physical well-being. In order to prevent injuries and accidents, Santinel can complete a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for your organization. A JSA is an excellent prevention tool compliant with legal requirements related to risk information and broadcasting. It also provides you with a practical document that outlines preventive measures.

First, our experts pinpoint job tasks that, if executed improperly, could lead to accidents or pose health risks. Then, they complete a JSA summary worksheet for each task. This document describes the task step-by-step and includes a list of required safety equipment, recommended precautions and preliminary verifications. If requested, we include graphs and pictures to make the document more understandable for employees.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Our comprehensive solutions

Contact us for a comprehensive approach to job safety analysis. Choose our unique turnkey service or get some personalized support from experts.

Make your life easier with our turnkey service. Santinel offers a complete job safety analysis (JSA) for the tasks you choose, no matter how complex. Our experts give your workforce the information and expertise they need in order to perform or supervise hazardous tasks.

Our unique approach helps us identify all tasks that require JSA. We document each task with clear and concise worksheets. If required, we will train your supervisors to observe tasks and better orient employees thanks to constructive feedback. Contact us today for a comprehensive, turnkey solution.

After the job safety analysis has been completed, team managers play a determining role in preventing workplace accidents. Team managers directly are essential to ensuring safety and curbing risks. Following your job safety analysis, Santinel can coach managers on multiple subjects. Our consultants can help your management team become proficient at assessing and analyzing danger in order to better supervise workers.

We can also train managers to provide employees with constructive feedback in order to curb work-related risks. Our personalized and unique approach gives your supervisors the right tools to ensure that the whole team stays safe on the job.

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