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Our Approach

Whether you need a refresher session or an in-depth training on your entire prevention program, Santinel promises to deliver exceptional services and implement durable changes in your organization.

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    Assessing the situation

    We take note of your needs and expectations before we perform a complete assessment of your OHS situation. This is our professional way to ensure that our services are perfectly tailored to your organization’s reality.

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    Defining Goals

    We work closely with you to set up a simple action plan based on clear objectives and recommendations. This way, you can start working on your OHS project in confidence, as we walk with you every step of the way and ensure optimal changes.

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    Implementing the Action Plan

    When you choose Santinel, you benefit from our large team of OHS experts. We will put all necessary resources to your service in order to help your staff achieve all OHS goals.

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    Personalized Follow-Up

    Your team is at the heart of all our interventions. We know from experience that mobilizing your staff is the only sure way of making changes inside your organization. This is why we ensure that your OHS performance reaches your goals by providing personalized follow up after the training has been completed.

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Entrusting all things OHS to Santinel? Great idea!

Because of our expertize in all things related to occupational health and safety, we have developed an “Integrated & Continued Management Service” (ICMS). This service comprises complete (or partial) management of all your OHS needs for as long as you need.

This solution is very cost-efficient and productive in the long run, which is why a large number of clients have chosen this highly customized service.

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