Working at Heights

Are your employees worried about the risks associated with working at height? Do you want to ensure that appropriate actions are undertaken before an accident occurs? Would you know how to react in the event of a fall? The team of experts at Santinel will guide you through the process to ensure safety for working at height, including training as well as prevention and recovery procedures.

Services & Programs

Thanks to over 40 years of experience, Santinel has developed a comprehensive range of services and unique programs for work at height. Contact us to learn more and choose the best service for your organization.

Do your operations expose workers to falls and accidents? Contact Santinel to reduce and eliminate workplace hazards. Choose our consulting services and get advice for specific operations. We will help you find a solution when anchor points are missing, or evaluate makeshift anchor points.

As accidents have occurred in the recent past, CNESST inspectors give no leeway to companies that infringe safety regulations or neglect any aspect of work-at-height safety. Contact us today to avoid hefty fines and ensure that your work environment is safe for all your employees. We have the answers to all your concerns.

We work with organizations of all sizes and have the expertise to deal with the most complex situations. Santinel brings you effective solutions and the benefit of our invaluable resources in the safety field.

Operations at heights pose significant risks of falls and accidents. Despite safety measures, it is best that your organization set up rescue procedures, should an emergency arise.

Santinel will help you set up reliable rescue procedures in order to ensure maximum safety for workers. We can create rescue diagrams, list necessary equipment, and set up a detailed emergency rescue plan. Our reliable intervention procedures will insure that all workers and rescue team members are safe at all times.

After setting up your organization’s emergency plan, we will introduce your workers and supervisors to all necessary rescue techniques. Contact us to ensure that you are prepared to face a rescue situation, while keeping everyone safe.


Prepare yourself for work at height with a single plan containing all relevant information, such as guidelines, safety measures, and each player’s roles and responsibilities. Choose the most comprehensive plan on the market with Santinel’s work at height management program.

Our unparalleled approach includes the following steps. We will visit your workplace, analyze all equipment used during operations, and assess existing safety measures. Our work at heights experts will then create a complete management program adapted to your needs.

Our plans include employer recommendations, team member’s roles and responsibilities, inspection procedures for equipment used during operations (ladder, stepladder, harness, accessories, etc.), practical diagrams, list of equipment, maintenance guidelines and schedules, rescue diagrams, training schedules, as well as control and follow-up worksheets. This essential information will ensure that all operations at height are carried out according to safety standards.

Contact us to get a reliable and realistic management program for work at height.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Our Solutions

Find out more about our customized solutions for all your health and safety challenges related to operations at height.

Choose our turnkey services and save time and money. Our experts can take charge of all procedures and solutions related to work at height.

We will start with assessing your needs, creating an operation inventory, and analyzing all operations performed at heights. We may consider reducing the frequency of operations at height in order to curb the risk of falls and accidents. Our consultants will then set up a work-at-height management program that respects your needs and existing regulations.

Finally, we will train and advise your team on equipment inspection and maintenance, risk analysis worksheets, and appropriate procedures for work at height. All you have to do is keep to the new plan as you carry on with your day-to-day operations.

CNESST regulations and requirements are strict when it comes to work at height, especially when operations involve rooftops, stepladders, etc. Your organization must ensure to follow all existing laws and regulations. In fact, CNESST inspectors have a zero tolerance policy regarding non-compliance, since there is a significant risk of severe injuries in the case of operations at heights.

Choose Santinel as your safety agent and benefit from a complete assessment of your organization’s existing policies. We work closely with your team to eliminate potential problems and hazards. We will also ensure that your organization is compliant with legal requirements.

Our expert consultants will analyze all operations carried out at height, as well as protection techniques, choice and use of safety equipment, and emergency rescue measures. You will get a complete and detailed report containing practical recommendations. Choose Santinel for our outstanding expertize in workplace health and safety and keep your workers safe.

Santinel has put together a unique evaluation program for operations at height. Our unparalleled solutions will help you implement a reliable prevention strategy. Our plan will also assist you in choosing the right specialized equipment for each operation and environment. Moreover, our program will let you see which operations require safer or permanent setups in order to prevent falls.

You will receive a summarized description of recommended equipment, necessary changes, and suggested installations. These recommendations will help you maximize safety and productivity during work at height. Choose our prevention strategy in order to maximize safety benefits and set clear priorities. Contact Santinel today.

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