Fire and Emergency Response

Prepare your employees in case of an emergency and ensure a timely response. For evaluating or optimizing your intervention procedures, Santinel’s unique approach will help improve safety reflexes in any situation.

Our emergency response services and programs

Improve your organization’s response to any emergency and critical situation. Whatever your need, Santinel will make sure to improve your emergency measures and exercise the reflexes of your teams. Choose a personalized approach that will adapt to the environment and challenges of your workplace.

Equip stakeholders with the right tools to better handle emergencies. Take advantage of a service that offers you a range of solutions for any emergency scenario, as well as feedback from experts that will suggest realistic exercises in line with your facilities and equipment, thus, significantly improving your security resources. Before developing new emergency and fire drills, our specialists will first examine your current plans and surroundings.

Then, they will initiate various tests and inform your intervention committee, if need be. We will assess and compare your team’s answers with conventional procedures. Ultimately, we will hand out a detailed report that will include observations and many recommendations. Choose this service on an annual basis or as needed.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Our Emergency and Fire Response Solutions

Be ready for any situation, thanks to Santinel’s unique solutions. For fire emergencies or chemical spills, your team will ensure an adequate and safe response.

Set up an efficient brigade ready for every possible contingency!

Form a well-prepared team that will deal with any critical situation! Santinel offers you the creation of an intervention committee, that when the time comes, will know how to manage the emergency. A preventive approach that will guarantee you safe procedures and further protect your workers!

In fact, before forming a team, our experts will first analyze all the risks present in your organization. They will then be able to establish appropriate measures for incidents that may occur. Once confirming the procedures, they will provide complete training to your team to better respond during these emergencies. An approach that will establish everyone’s responsibilities and allow for better coordination of actions such as:

  • Calling the fire department and sounding the alarms

  • Using portable fire extinguishers

  • Safe evacuation of the premises, with a floor manager escorting employees to a safe place

  • Retaining critical documents or equipment, if necessary

  • Designating companions for persons with disabilities

Validate and improve your emergency response procedures. Is your organization well prepared in the event of an emergency or a fire? Santinel offers to help you manage and optimize your emergency responses follow regulations, which will enable your employees to feel safe and confident, no matter the context.

We propose several resources and expertise from our specialists, to ensure that your business complies with the standards in force, as well as enhance every aspect of your emergency response by taking the following steps:

  • Evaluating and improving your current emergency response plan (ERP)

  • The training of stakeholders in ERP procedures

  • Information and awareness sessions for every employee

  • Organizing and escorting during evacuation drills

  • Emergency simulations of events such as leakage or injuries

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