Safe Working in the Presence of Asbestos with Glove Bag Technique

Certification valid for 3 years

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Asbestos is responsible for major health problems in workers exposed to its dust. That’s why safety techniques have been developed to protect workers. You’ll find the glove bag method among the most popular.

Thanks to our technical glove bag training, your teams will learn how to work with caution in the presence of asbestos. Our prevention experts will train them on risk identification, wearing of personal protective equipment and recommended safety methods. Specifically, they will discover the glove bag technique which includes: site preparation, verification, installation of glove bags, removal work, pipe cleaning, moving bags, if necessary, and removal of tools. Finally, they will explore all the steps required to remove the bag of asbestos waste.

After this training, your teams will be able to use the protection tools and, above all, ensure their own safety in the presence of asbestos. Consult us for a unique training on the technique of the glove bag in the presence of asbestos.

Learning series:

  • Identification of risks and the impacts of asbestos on health, the environment and psychology.
  • Basic work safety rules and the categories of working in the presence of asbestos.
  • Legal obligations of the employer and the employee in the presence of asbestos.
  • How to use glove bags effectively in the presence of asbestos.
  • Wearing and maintaining personal protective equipment including disposable coveralls, respirators with filters, etc.
  • Work safely to eliminate any risk to yourself, others and the environment.

Do your workers perform tasks in the presence of asbestos? Do you want to prevent them from being exposed to dust and developing health problems? Avoid harmful damage and respect your legal obligations with Santinel’s training on safely working in the presence of asbestos.

Whether you are a business or an organization, this training will benefit your workers. Its purpose is to help employers equip themselves and their workers with the risks of asbestos and how to protect themselves from it. They will be able to take charge of their safety through safe work techniques.

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