Emergency Response Procedures and Fire Safety

Entrust Santinel to develop and establish your response protocol before emergencies occur. Our plans will guarantee that proceedings are conducted efficiently to protect your employees better.

Our emergency response plan services and fire safety procedures

Address emergencies and fires calmly and efficiently. Thanks to detailed procedures adapted to your organization’s particularities and risks, your team will have all the tools in hand to react when necessary. You can count on Santinel’s unique approach.

Be prepared with the right equipment! Ask Santinel for analysis and rest assured that your fire fighting tools are reliable and in good condition. Just like your other tools, they must also be inspected and properly maintained to fit strict regulations. In doing so, your teams will be able to control the situation in the case of fire and to avoid the worst.

Our experts will first provide a report of all the equipment that requires inspection. Then, they will conduct a complete guide to ensure your compliance with regulatory norms, whether your inspections are carried out by our resources or yours. This document will render procedures and a calendar for scheduled inspections. In a single view, you will have access to all the necessary information for all your equipment.

Provide your team with a consistent and accurate emergency response plan. Did you know that the first moments of an emergency, like a chemical spill, are critical? It is crucial to have an up-to-date emergency response plan (ERP) that aligns with your business’s needs and development. By preparing your teams thoroughly, you will help them take the right steps, and in a coordinated manner, in the event of a problem.

Sentinel offers expert knowledge in the preparation, revision, and update of your ERP and other related procedures. We will answer all your concerns by setting out the risks your company faces, according to your line of work and your facilities. You can be confident that your ERP will comply with the laws in force and assure overall safety.

You can count on Santinel to elaborate on a plan and certify its compliance with every regulation. Prepare or revise a fire safety plan (FSP) to answer all your specific issues and comply with any applicable laws. The various recommendations from public authorities do not always take into account all the existing regulations; therefore, Santinel is here to make sure nothing is left out.

Your organization can count on a reliable FSP designed with all the necessary elements you need. Managers will receive complete and easy-to-use procedures that obey law requirements, such as escorting persons with reduced mobility, emergency communication systems, training and using fire extinguishers. Rest assured that your compliance is our priority.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Intervention solutions for fire and emergency

Plan your emergency interventions efficiently through our services. Our assistance will allow you to protect your team and to limit the aftermath of fire hazards.

Have all the right answers to respond to any situation! Analyze the risks in which your business faces and improve your responsiveness with the expertise of Santinel. You will receive a tailored ERP for the various emergencies that can occur in your environment and surroundings. For fires or chemical spills, you will limit the inconveniences related to crises.

No stone will be left unturned with our uniquely developed ERP service. Our specialists will first meticulously examine your situation, taking into account all your specificities, then providing clear and adapted intervention procedures for potential hazards and emergencies which will include the following:

  • The roles and responsibilities of your stakeholders

  • A staff evacuation and relocation plan in the event of an alert

  • A crisis centre and command post

  • A communication plan with recommendations for managing media and community relations

  • The training of managers involved

  • Evacuation exercises to test the developed procedures

Optimize your ERP’s efficiency by validating its content! Ensuring that your ERP is compliant and performing regular updates will enhance its effectiveness. Because this plan is a document that must be revised periodically, Santinel’s expertise is there to help you address all the legal changes that affect your organization.

Our team will thoroughly analyze your current emergency response plan and procedures, and in particular, assess their viability based on each specific risk. By the end of the audit, they will hand out a detailed evaluation report that includes several recommendations and other necessary information:

  • Adequate conditions for planning emergency responses

  • The roles of your different managers

  • Staff evacuation

  • The required equipment for the different types of interventions and their maintenance

  • Staff training

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