Machine Safety

Optimize your machine's security features and your working methods with these devices. Entrust Santinel's professionals by examining your equipment and taking advantage of our unique expertise that will benefit your organization.

Our Machine Safety Services and Programs

Because your equipment is the primary tool of your employees, it is imperative to make its safety your priority. If moving parts or accessible rotating gears worry you, you can rely on the expertise of Santinel. Choose a service or program that best suits your organization.

Take advantage of Santinel’s exceptional risk analysis method. Santinel offers machine security analysis, task and environment analysis, and an overall approach that has proven successful. In several steps, this service will ensure the identification and correction of risks faced by your workers.

Our experts will first set up an inventory of your organization’s entire machines. They will then establish an analysis schedule which will guarantee a complete assessment of danger areas and various control methods. The analysis will also consider the workplace configuration, the different technologies used, and the tasks performed by operators.

Afterwards, our specialists will collaborate with your team to set up an action plan to suit all requirements. This plan will put forward machine security improvements, as well as a work timetable. Thanks to this clear and detailed report, the monitoring of your accident prevention will be simplified.

Find peace of mind knowing that you are compliant with the current standards. We verify the protection systems of your organization and assure the safety of your employees, as well as your compliance with legislation. Santinel offers you a complete examination of equipment such as fixed or interlocking guards to improve the safety of your machines. Take advantage of our expert’s knowledge and improve the protection of your workers.

In collaboration with your staff, our consultants will first inspect your installations; they will evaluate the risks, existing means of protection, and regulatory compliance. Once the analysis is complete, they will propose an easy-to-use compliance program that will document your current security, operational challenges, standard regulation requirements, and the best solution for each machine, including a graphics simulation.

Our customized service will provide answers to all your questions. Santinel’s specialists give you the support you need and the right solutions when dealing with unforeseen circumstances. Our highly specialized team remains at your disposal to answer all your occupational health and safety needs, questions, and challenges. The personalized consultations that Santinel offers will prove very useful, especially when facing an unusual machine safety problem.

Our experts will provide you with their knowledge of safeguards and regulations in force. Our reports will take into account the relevant risks involved, as well as access to dangerous areas. We are also at your disposal in case of a visit from a CNESST inspector. You can count on us to provide you with reliable information that will ensure your compliance.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Machine Safety Solutions

Take the initiative today and improve the safety of your workers and your machines. Santinel offers a unique and entirely personalized approach, whether you need our constant presence or simple advice. Choose the right solution to meet your operational needs better.

Solve all your safety challenges with these few steps. Santinel will provide you with valuable assistance in ensuring your compliance with current safety laws. By entrusting us with your machine’s safety, you will save time, and your prevention will be taken care of and simplified.

Our key solutions follow a thorough process:

  • We will first assess all of your organization’s needs. Our experts will make an inventory of all your machines and examine their compliance with standards.

  • Our specialists will then look for the best possible systems and processes, as well as ensure that they comply with the regulations and be practical and economical.

  • Once your teams choose the right solution, Santinel will complete the training of your managers, who will receive the right tools for implementing sustainable changes.

  • During your work progress, we will assist you and ensure effective follow-ups.

  • If need be, we can present a complete file report to the CNESST or your internal comity.

Take advantage of Santinel’s experience and know-how!

Evaluate and correct the safety features of your machines. As an employer, you are responsible for providing safety preventions in your business. With Santinel, we will help you verify the conformity of all your machine’s safety equipment, thus ensuring your workers.

In this manner, this service renders a complete audit of:

  • The conformity of guards

  • Security devices such as interlocks

  • Procedures used when entering dangerous areas

  • Verifying inspection procedures for maintaining machine safety compliance

Subsequently, our experts will compare all their conclusions with the applicable regulations, verifying various standards in force, in particular the CSA Z-432 standard. Once the evaluation is complete, they will give you a detailed assessment of the analysis’ carried out. This report will also explain the corrective measures to be taken, if any, depending on the level of risk. It is better to be safe than sorry!

Support your team by improving your safety devices. If you wish to enhance the safety of your machines in your company, there is no better time than the present. However, if you encounter a problem along the way, do not hesitate to ask our experts for help.

You can count on our skills for developing an action plan or on-the-spot expert advice. Our specialists are there to assist you when you are concerned and have questions or need support. We can also take care of the work your team cannot handle. We will provide you with the resources you need to make your project a success, whatever your challenges may be.

Santinel can support you with:

  • Developing action plans

  • Training your leaders

  • Analyzing the risks of equipment

  • Creating or using a database

Our experts are here to help!

Let us take care of the safety of your machines. Do you want to ensure the adequacy of your equipment, but prefer to delegate the implementation of the project? Santinel has all the experience, know-how, and skills required to meet your needs. For a successful delivery and improved safety, let us take care of managing your project.

Whatever your line of business or your work-related challenges, our team of specialists will take care of your machines. They will manage each step of the project, from the creation of action plans until the job is complete. They will also provide a follow up with the participants involved. You will have the time and peace of mind to concentrate on other work matters.

In short, Santinel’s project management includes:

  • Planning the conformity of your equipment

  • The complete design of solutions ensuring machine safety

  • Production planning and specifications

  • Achievement and deadline follow-ups

  • Managing costs

Ensure the success of your project with our help!

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