Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Help employees adopt a healthier lifestyle and live better. Promoting healthy habits benefits both your workers and your organization. Take advantage of Santinel’s outstanding strategies and resources and invest in your team’s long-term wellness.

Healthy Lifestyle Services & Strategies

Every employer wants their workers to lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. Good habits boost overall happiness and productivity and create a positive spirit within your organization. At Santinel, we know that wellness is essential. This is why we help you put good habits at the heart your safety awareness campaign.

Promote wellness thanks to stimulating and relevant awareness campaigns. Adopt an effective procedure to address workers’ health problems. Raise awareness on specific subjects and encourage your employees to stay in shape and respect their own limits. Santinel’s lifestyle conferences help you take steps to prevent accidents and curb absenteeism.

Our experts help you create relatable motivational content that suits your organization. We can provide conferences and information stands that teach your workers to eat better, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. We help you encourage workers, vehicle operators, office employees and rotating workers to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Choose our unique approach and get quick results.

Promote good health and well-being and increase your workers’ sense of belonging. Choose an effective promotional campaign that will achieve a significant impact on your workers’ well-being. Santinel brings you a comprehensive approach that fosters wellness and safety both in the workplace and at home. Our unparalleled approach gives your organization a boost and significantly improves productivity. Achieving work-life balance helps your employees perform better and prevents absenteeism.

This is why Santinel’s experts provide your employees with a selection of life-changing tools that can be easily applied in real-life situations. Our awareness-raising programs are built into your rotating shift schedule and include activities such as lunchbox “inspections”, nutrition or exercise advice, etc. Our campaigns last several weeks, instead of several years, and are fully customized to meet your needs.

Recognize your workers’ needs in order to address them even better. Santinel helps you assess specific concerns within your organization and improve overall well-being. Our experts can create a survey or diagnostic study, carry it out, and analyze the results in order to determine your workers’ state of health and opinions on wellness issues. Our solutions help you make effective adjustments and prevent accidents and illnesses, while improving overall employee well-being.

Our customized surveys are the best way to uncover your workers’ conceptions about their health and lifestyle. Learn more about how your workers’ health affects their performance on the job and what steps would encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle or safer behaviours at work. Our experts can offer you life-changing advice that is proven to work in organizations like yours. Get all the tools you need to lead your teams towards better work-life balance.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Healthy Lifestyle Solutions

Do you need a comprehensive solution that fully answers your organization’s concerns? Santinel’s outstanding expertize brings you personalized services that meet your needs. Entrust your workers’ health to our experts and bring about real change.

Ensure health and well-being for all employees thanks to Santinel’s comprehensive approach.
Did you know that workers are often unhappy with their own fitness level? Some even think that their physical shape hinders their well-being and prevents them from doing their job. It could be useful for your organization to take a step back and put health promotion at the heart of your safety program.

Our extensive knowledge and expertize help you learn more about your employees’ lifestyle. We evaluate their habits and the impact of their fitness level on work performance. Once, we have the full picture, we direct you to multiple resources that can be used to adjust your safety plan.

Our complete health promotion services include:

  • Assessing the situation with the help of surveys and questionnaires.

  • Analyzing and presenting results in a clear and visual form.

  • Performing a full “health assessment” of your organization.

  • Formulating guidelines and recommendations.

  • Presenting results to employees and managers.

Better safe than sorry. Act now to promote health and well-being among workers.

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