Back Pain Prevention

Are you concerned with the risks involved in how your employees have to carry out their work? Do you want to avoid injuries, prolonged absences and other consequences from poor load handling? Santinel offers solutions for raising awareness and training tailored to the specific needs of your organization regarding back pain prevention.

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A back injury can often mean days of absenteeism and can cost businesses dearly. Likewise, all your employees can suffer from back pain — be it a stock handler who moves supplies or loads on a daily basis or an employee who performs static work and rarely has loads to move.

But what are the major risk factors? Which positions should be targeted? What actions should be taken to respond to the greater risks at your company? As a preventive measure, Santinel will conduct a risk assessment of back pain in your company. We will carry out a survey, questionnaire or interviews with your staff in order to get a picture of the situation throughout your work environment or in a particular department.

You will know, for example, the percentage of workers who have experienced back pain while carrying out their work. Once the review is established, Santinel consultants will recommend the priority measures to adopt to prevent your employees from having back problems.

What work practices most cause your workers back problems and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD)? These afflictions are a common problem among workers in all industries. Therefore, it is essential to clearly identify the risks inherent to the work you carry out, whether handling heavy loads or performing repetitive tasks.

Santinel’s preventive approach is based on evaluating work practices at your company then making recommendations to limit the dangers. Our experts will observe the positions you have targeted or they will help you in selecting risky tasks. Following this assessment, which takes into account all work characteristics (duration, frequency, load, personal characteristics of the operator, methods used, etc.), we will provide a detailed report highlighting the key points that need intervention.

Santinel is best at creating targeted and tailored recommendations for the particular circumstances of a company. Such recommendations will help your company identify risks then control and correct the situation through safe work practices that curb back problems and MSD.

Worker back pain is the most common issue that requires compensation by employers. A back injury is often equivalent to an absence or incapacity, so prevention is win-win for all involved.

Santinel’s qualified consultants will conduct a risk analysis of back problems in your company to clearly identify potential hazards and how to control them effectively. Through targeted observations, research and evaluations of the risk factors in your field, we will provide a detailed assessment of your current situation in this matter. Our characterization will demonstrate priority areas that require action.

Following this analysis, Santinel specialists will provide recommendations of safe work practices for all workers to adopt. New practices to improve handling could also be proposed, based on what is observed.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Our comprehensive solutions

One of the integrated services provided by Santinel is a turnkey solution on preventing back pain. Our precautionary approach focuses on getting at-risk workers aware of safe work procedures for load handling.

Santinel specialists will conduct a risk analysis associated with back problems at your company then develop learning activities for good work habits. All workers will then be trained on the good practices we identify and general back pain prevention. A post-training follow-up activity is also included to ensure that the safe work procedures are actually used on your site.

A full review and report will be made from observations, comments received during training, surveys, questionnaires or interviews and the post-training follow-up. You will have all the contents of the approach and you will be able to observe the impact.

Your company has put in place practical ways to prevent back pain, a common problem for workers. However, have you properly equipped your front-line supervisors to adequately enforce the recommendations, to observe work techniques and intervene effectively with employees?

Santinel can support you in this process by providing advice and tips to your managers that will help your staff with prevention and intervention. Our consultants will help the leaders at your company develop good habits of observation and posture analysis during handling, moving loads and physical exertion. On-site coaching while tasks are carried out in their regular work environment is the best training for your supervisors.

With support and guidance from Santinel, you can carry out effective interventions on your employees and prevent back injuries, which can have lasting effects.

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