Radiation can be the source of occupational disease for workers. Whether ionizing or non-ionizing, radiation is subject to regulations to counter their health hazards. Our experts know how to assess, identify, prevent and control the risks of exposure to radiation such as ultraviolet, infrared, lasers and many others.

Radiation Training

If it is relevant for your company to train its workers on the risks related to radiation, we can set up a training program customized to your needs. Our industrial hygiene team has everything it takes!

Services & Programs

Control and eliminate the risks due to radiation in your workplace, thanks to the services and programs of Santinel.

Santinel can assist you in all steps to manage radiation. Our experts will guide you in identifying, evaluating, eliminating, and controlling radiant elements or the environment. Thanks to our personalized consultation services, you and your team benefit from recommendations and tools to manage risks at source to protect your workers.

For better quality service, our experts will come to your organization to answer your questions, get to know your environment and understand the matter. Contact us for any questions about the personalized Santinel consultation.

Do you need to resolve a particular situation or a specific issue? Thanks to their many years of experience, Santinel knows how to intervene for individual cases and provide the appropriate service. Our consultants can assess your employees’ exposures with radiation, including UV, ionizing, non-ionizing, microwave, IR, etc.

Then they will give you a risk assessment as well as recommendations on technical and administrative solutions. They will always be careful to respect the company’s purpose and operations to offer a personalized service.

If you wish, our experts in industrial hygiene management will assist you in implementing the chosen solution. They can also act as intermediary vis-à-vis workers, the CNESST or any other stakeholder.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Radiation Solutions

Get the optimal solution for your business and the health of your workers. Discover the solutions offered by Santinel, the benchmark in health and safety at work.

Radiation is part of the class of physical contaminants. The study of radiation represents a vast field that requires extensive expertise. The evaluation of radiation is complex and needs specific measuring devices to identify the particularities of various emissions, including:

Ionizing radiations: they are present only in certain environments, like the radon gas found in some basements. They are also X-rays, accelerated particles and β.

Non-ionizing radiation: is ultraviolet and infrared radiation, radio frequencies, microwaves and other electromagnetic radiation associated with telecommunications. These radiations have been more and more present in workplaces for several years now.

Santinel offers treatment for radiation-related interventions of which you suspect exposure. Our industrial hygiene experts will also analyze the situation, make recommendations to reduce or eliminate exposure as the case may be, and develop inspection programs or periodic checks. They can also create informative documents or train your employees to increase their knowledge and bring awareness.

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