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Does your organization struggle to manage occupational health and safety records? Trust Santinel for support and concrete OHS solutions.

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Make your life easier by entrusting us with your OHS management! Whether it’s to correct a problematic situation, to assist you in drafting a complete prevention plan or simply to develop your expertise, our team will help you achieve your goals.

An audit is an in-depth evaluation of all your occupational health and safety activities, regardless of their scope.

When taking charge of the health and safety management process, an audit is often the first step. The findings of the audit become the benchmark for building a solid action plan. Audits are also the preferred way for companies to ensure that they are complying with the law regarding health and safety and that nothing has been overlooked.

What to expect during an audit?

We’ll look at everything: your company’s programs, procedures, action plans, communications and resources, and its structure. We’ll interview various health and safety stakeholders to assess the OHS culture.

We will consolidate all our observations in a detailed report that we will give you. This document will provide a clear idea of the status of all health and safety activities relevant to you. We’ll take your business objectives and the challenges you face into account when we suggest a sequence of actions to carry out according to a flexible schedule. This way, you can tackle the priorities in the right order.

Santinel can assist you in presenting this action plan to the CNESST or to your company managers.

Confined spaces, harassment, emergency measures, machine safety—if you feel that a health and safety activity has significant deficiencies and you wish to examine it in depth, an activity-based audit is what you’re looking for.

This meticulous evaluation of activities will give you an accurate picture of your current procedures, compliance, level of employee adherence to your OHS policies and improvements to make within your company.

In the report, our experts will provide an evaluation of your company’s stakeholders and corresponding recommendations necessary to achieve the level of OHS performance you are aiming for.

A prevention program is an essential health and safety tool that is, without a doubt, the main reference document to guide a company’s actions on health and safety.

It contains an inventory of the risks associated with the company’s operations and the employer’s obligations regarding these risks. Above all, it provides a detailed action plan of the methods to control and reduce these risks.
All health and safety activities that impact a company, from psychosocial risk management to machine safety, emergency measures, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, etc., must be covered in the prevention plan.

A prevention program cannot simply be scribbled on the corner of a table. It requires pooling numerous fields of expertise, all of which you’ll find at Santinel.

Contact us and we’ll be happy to create your prevention program, or improve or update the one you currently have. We’ll work closely with your team to build a customized program representative of your situation and geared towards your objectives.

The OHS diagnosis consists of a summary analysis of your company’s health and safety status to identify the main stress points and guides you towards the next actions to take.
In short, it is a “light” full audit. As its name suggests, the OHS diagnosis is also more geared towards identifying problems.
You could opt for an OHS diagnosis rather than an audit in several situations:

  • An audit seems to be a disproportionate means of investigation for the small or medium-sized business that you manage. However, you still feel that your company’s OHS is due for some form of comprehensive evaluation.
  • You want to make sure you’re putting your efforts in the right places and want outside input on your priorities.
  • You suspect you have problems, but can’t determine their level of severity.
  • Etc.

Choose a strategy that suits your industry and works for you. Prevent work accidents with an action plan tailored to your organization’s needs. Santinel’s experts can help. First, we assess your OHS management requirements. Then, we offer recommendations that help improve your workers’ safety, even in complex work environments.

Finally, we offer you a concise step-by-step guide to bring your new prevention strategy to life. Santinel’s expertize brings you unique methods that can be customized to all organizations and industries.

Welcome contractors and visitors with a management strategy that ensures everyone’s safety.
Do you already have an effective internal occupational health and safety protocol? Now it is time to make sure that your safety rules apply to outsiders. Our strategy helps you minimize and control risks related to visitors and contractors in your workspace. Santinel’s unique approach makes things simple for all parties, internal and external.

We assess your challenges and create a reception protocol that reflects your organization’s size and resources. Our protocol could consist in a standardized session or a yearly procedure. Our approach provides you with clear policies and work permits for all outside employees. Make sure your rules apply to everyone. Choose Santinel.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Organizational Development & Management Solutions

Take advantage of Santinel’s outstanding expertize. Our solutions are fully tailored to meet your needs and include a step-by-step action plan and constant support from our expert consultants. Our comprehensive service solves all your issues and helps you take charge of OHS management in your organization.

Choose Santinel for a safe and effective solution to all your OHS concerns. Does your organization need to reverse a negative trend and improve its safety action plan? Ask us to build you a complete recovery strategy, including a sound plan to put all OHS issues to rest.

Our expert advice makes all the difference when it comes to fulfilling your obligations as an employer. Our consultants create a fully customized recovery strategy that addresses your specific issues. Our unparalleled approach gives you the right tools complete your recovery:

  • We audit your organization in its current state.

  • We help you plan and prioritize future safety actions.

  • We set a timeline for completing the recovery strategy.

  • We give you concrete steps to implement and develop your safety actions.

If required, Santinel will help you present your new strategy to CNESST inspectors. For all things OHS, you can count on us.

Supervisors, foremen and other types of first level managers are in a crucial position when it comes to OHS.

Responsible for ensuring the safety of workers, they have their eyes on the job site at all times, so they are often the ones who witness risky situations and who intervene first. Providing them with the right tools is both a wise and necessary choice.

With the support offered by Santinel, your supervisors will benefit from pedagogical, technical and administrative support aimed at developing their analytical skills. Our experienced trainers will provide them with the best means to intervene with your employees, whether it be to transmit knowledge or to overcome resistance.

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