Harassment Prevention

Get effective tools to prevent psychological harassment in the workplace. Santinel’s outstanding methods help managers and workers quickly recognize problems and put a term to workplace violence in the early stages. Act now to ensure safety and well-being for all employees.

Workplace Harassment Training Programs

Learn to recognize harassment and act to stop bullying incidents at the source.

Workplace Harassment Services & Strategies

Ensure a safe work environment within your organization thanks to Santinel’s bullying prevention tools. We help you address complex situations, whether it is sensitizing managers or properly handling a harassment complaint. Do and say the right thing when faced with violence in the workplace. Contact us today to get life-changing support and advice.

Provide your organization with effective tools to prevent or address bullying. Protect employees thanks to a strong violence prevention policy in your workplace. Bullying is never acceptable, as it hurts both the victim and the work environment. You must act quickly and stop violence in the early stages. Do your managers know how to efficiently address a harassment complaint?

Ensure that your leaders are prepared to handle bullying situations. Create an anti-harassment policy and set up clear procedures to protect your employees. Santinel helps you implement a comprehensive anti-bullying strategy, including procedures for reporting harassment, managing complaints, and completing recovery.

Count on our experts to set up an effective anti-bullying policy that defines each party’s roles and responsibilities. Contact us today to ensure that all your workers get the respect they deserve.

Train your managers to effectively address bullying. What is best? Using role-playing training sessions to correct improper reactions and adopt healthy behaviours? Or grasping for solutions as real-life situations unfold and mistakes involving real people are being made?

Santinel’s training sessions help you think ahead and develop a proper response to violence in the workplace. Our experts coach your leaders and help them adjust their response to harassment. By taking the right actions, managers are able to assess and resolve bullying cases. Our fully customized training sessions are always tailored to your organization and industry.

We give your supervisors invaluable tools to recognize early signs of bullying and effectively apply your organization’s procedures and policies. Be prepared and use appropriate tools to stop violence in the workplace altogether thanks to Santinel’s unique expertize.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Harassment Prevention Solutions

Discover Santinel’s solutions for harassment prevention in the workplace. We provide a wide range of solutions to effectively address and prevent violence and bullying. Our solutions are always tailored to your needs and designed to make your employees feel safe.

Choose Santinel’s comprehensive solutions and reduce psychological and professional hazards at the source. Does your organization call for strong measures to address violence and harassment in the workplace? Your best bet is to issue clear policies and set up effective intervention tools. Send a clear message to all workers and prevent conflicts, steer clear of negative work environments, and avert depression among employees.

As an employer, it is your duty to ensure that your work environment is violence-free. Santinel helps you fulfill your obligations thanks to our turnkey service. We can perform the following tasks:

  • Issue a comprehensive handbook outlining your organization’s harassment policies, intervention steps and each party’s roles and responsibilities.

  • Train your managers to spot problem cases and intervene early by taking required actions.

  • Informing your workers about the nature of bullying and your organization’s preventive actions.

Count on Santinel to help you get this complex issue under control.

Be ready to respond to any workplace violence case thanks to Santinel’s unique training programs.
Ensure a positive work environment and equip employees and leaders alike to address potential harassment situations. It is your obligation to protect your workers’ psychological integrity on the job. Planning bullying interventions ahead is the way to go.

Our training simulations and workshops help your teams easily recognize and address workplace violence. Contact our experts to assess your current violence prevention strategies and advise you on required adjustments.

Santinel’s unique services include the following steps:

  • We evaluate your managers in their ability to recognize and address complex harassment situations.

  • We assess your organization’s procedures for handling harassment cases.

  • We perform a full assessment of violence prevention in your organization.

  • We provide expert recommendations.

  • We support you as new strategies are implemented and coach employees to address workplace violence using your organization’s new policies.

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