Workplace Inspections

Develop your workplace risk assessment skills. Santinel’s unique approach helps you implement an inspection strategy that suits your organization. Take a simple step to ensure that you are compliant with applicable regulations. Contact us today.

Workplace Inspection Services & Strategies

Take advantage of our services and strategies and target your organization’s issues. Santinel’s fully customized program is designed to address your specific inspection challenges. Trust our expertize and ensure that your organization is compliant with laws and regulations.

You can count on Santinel’s expertize to help you define your OHS priorities.Provide your managers with invaluable support as they optimize your occupational health and safety action plan. Our professional advice empowers you to review your methods and set your priorities straight.

This way, you can easily implement appropriate corrective actions and ensure law compliance at all times.Santinel’s team uses a seven-step analysis program tailored to your organization. Our time-proven methods help optimize your OHS action strategies while cutting costs. Our experts always ensure that your programs respect all applicable laws and regulations.

Take one essential step to bring about considerable results. Contact us today to boost OHS efficiency and become autonomous in terms of workplace inspections.

Get an expert advisor to verify your compliance with provincial and federal rules and legislation. Santinel’s unique strategies bring you two major advantages. On one hand, we complete a full assessment of your organization’s OHS compliance. On the other, we teach you invaluable skills and teach you to perform your own check-ups in order to ensure that your workplace is completely safe.

We start with comparing your organization’s methods to applicable legislations. Then, we provide a complete checklist to help you ensure compliance. This checklist includes recommended corrective steps and can greatly help you curb risks of accident and professional injuries. We also assess each operation’s compliance with regulations. Our experts focus on elements such as workplace layout, operation procedures, and personal and collective safety measures.

The results of our investigation are presented in the final report. This comprehensive report provides your organization with its own compliance inspection strategy. You will be equipped to assess an existing situation, perform regular compliance check-ups, and ensure maximum safety.

Create an effective checklist and learn what to inspect, how, and how often. Build up your organization’s OHS culture and improve safety thanks to routine inspections. Organizations from all backgrounds can count on Santinel for planning proper workplace inspections. Get all the tools you need to recognize and curb risks before accidents happen.

Our experts help you come up with a planned inspection strategy that addresses each item on your checklist. They meet with all parties before providing you with clear and detailed procedures, customized inspection grids, and an inspection timeline.

We encourage you to pursue continuous improvement and offer you procedures for non-compliance management and correction verifications.Take a step towards your own efficient occupational health and safety strategy. Contact us today.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Workplace Inspection Solutions

Trust Santinel for comprehensive solutions to your inspection challenges. Our expert services meet all your needs and help protect workers. Workplace safety is that simple.

Take advantage of Santinel’s unique approach to developing and implementing inspection procedures.
Equip yourself with an effective safety plan and ensure that your workers are protected. Santinel’s turnkey services provide you with a personalized solution to all your inspection needs. Thanks to our expert advice, you can easily pinpoint problem situations, come up with solutions, and choose compliant equipment that meets your needs.

Our consultants start by assessing your workplace challenges. Then, we create comprehensive inspection procedures adapted to your workplace. We also provide support for implementing corrective actions. Our turnkey service offers you:

  • Inspection worksheets tailored for your organization

  • Simple follow-up worksheets outlining inspection frequency and each party’s responsibilities

  • Training session on recognizing and assessing risks for all employees involved your inspection program

  • Practice inspection carried out by your employees and supervised by our inspection coach.

Get all the tools you need to assess risks and ensure maximum safety.

Use a single system to easily organize and manage all your inspections. Take advantage of Santinel’s unique approach and efficiently carry out inspections. Our expert solution offers you an integrated system that helps you centralize all your inspection procedures and follow an easy schedule. This way, you can ensure that your organization is compliant with all company norms and outside regulations.

Our paperless system is the key to easily manage, perform, and follow up on inspections. It comes with fully customized worksheets that meet your organization’s needs. We offer personalized inspection follow-ups for the following items:

  • Equipment’s safety mechanisms

  • Lift trucks and bridge cranes (daily check-ups)

  • First aid kits

  • Maintenance inspections

  • Frequency reminders as prescribed by applicable regulations.

Invest in a dream OHS management system. Contact Santinel today.

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