Safe Working in the Presence of Asbestos (Low and Moderate Risk)

Certification valid for 3 years

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With this training, you’ll become an expert in working in the presence of asbestos and ensure your safety! Protection is essential when working on sites where asbestos, a material with very harmful effects on health, can be found. The Quebec law states that training is mandatory for those working with materials that can release asbestos dust.

That’s why Santinel offers theoretical and practical learning that will help you work in complete safely. First, our training will introduce you to the dangers of asbestos and identify risks for each task. Then, we will teach you to plan your work in accordance with the current laws and standards. In this way, you will respect all techniques and safe working methods to prevent asbestos exposure. A huge asset in safety!

Learning series:

  • Make sure that the employer and workers comply with obligations by knowing the applicable laws and standards when working in the presence of asbestos.
  • Secure your workplace by implementing appropriate methods of prevention and risk control.
  • Use appropriate personal and collective protective equipment, while observing safety procedures when carrying out your work.

Whatever your industry, get training tailored to managers and workers!

Santinel’s expertise help you meet your challenges related to working with asbestos! For example, if you work in construction or building management, the learning will focus on those specific needs. Our specialists will help you to better identify and address the dangers that are present in your environment. In addition, they will teach you to deal with various levels of risk and adapt your procedures accordingly.

And if your company already has its own procedures, our experts will also adapt to this reality. All your instructions will be taken into account to avoid contradictions with your management program. In short, Santinel training will provide a know-how that will simplify your work in the presence of asbestos!

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