Find peace of mind with Santinel's structured and conformable lockout system and take advantage of our unique expert solutions in managing your energy sources safely.

Lockout services and programs

Thanks to Santinel’s lockout resources and personalized service, your equipment’s various sources of energy will no longer be an issue, and risk in the workplace can be better controlled. Let us help you improve accident prevention and safety in your business.

Ensure an adequate lockout program. Our main goal is to help you with your preventative measures and compliance. We analyze newly implemented lockout systems and validate your business procedures to improve your safety management and prevent accidents. Our audit service will allow you to evaluate whether every component is in place for an adequate lockout.

Our experts will also conduct on-the-spot verification to ensure the right enforcement of your system. The audit plan will conclude with a detailed report of various observations and recommendations. In this way, you will have everything you need to ensure the safety of your workers.

Ask our experts and get answers to all your questions. Find all your lockout procedures easily and guarantee they respect the standards in force. Let’s face it; identifying different sources of energy and correctly resetting is tricky. For this reason, Santinel offers you personalized counselling services for any challenge or a particular situation you are facing.

Our problem-solving team of experts can confirm the adequacy of work methods or clarify a point. If required, we can also provide coaching to your leading team. In short, if you have any questions or a particular need, and our other services do not suit you, you can schedule a consultation.

Choose a program to meet the needs of your organization better. Mandate Santinel for the development and the implementation of your lockout steps and receive a management program that will resolve your issues with any equipment and energy source. Our unique approach, based on a close collaboration with your team, promotes the success of your project. Our experts will first visit the installations and schedule a planning meeting to establish your lockout policies and procedures, as well as everyone’s roles and responsibilities.

Lockout sheets will also be added to our system to facilitate your management. By the end of the program, our specialists will proceed to the training of your workers. Trust us to ensure effective and sustainable security.

Give your employees clear and easy-to-use lockout procedures. Foster a safe use of machines with useful digital files. Thanks to our writing service, you will have detailed written procedures for every equipment in your enterprise, adapted to your employees. After completing a full inventory of machines and related energy sources, our specialists will determine, with the help of an internal member, your team’s different needs of access.

As a result, the lists will enable both the operator and the maintenance employee to follow instructions. Our experts’ written procedures are, in fact, easy to understand and simple to follow. If you wish, they can test it with your team, which will ensure that no residual energies lie in your equipment.

Make sure your workers are well-protected with custom lockout procedures. Run a thorough analysis of your prevention methods with Santinel, where our experts will assist you in validating lockout procedures and your compliance with standards, as well as ensuring the clarity of them. This verification is necessary to ensure your workers’ safety. These procedures must easily lead to the removal of residual energies in your equipment.

Our specialists will carefully examine all the documentation, sheets, and tags for validation, mainly if a problem occurs. In any case, Santinel will carry out the analysis according to a schedule that will limit the impact on your organization’s productivity. And of course, if necessary, our experts will help you in creating compliant files.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Lockout Solutions

Trust in Santinel’s uniquely developed approach and solve all your lockout issues. Our resources will simplify your lockout management in your organization, whichever the environment and line of work. Improve your procedures and conformity today!

Entrust Santinel with the complete implementation of lockout procedures. Count on our experts to create and establish an entire lockout system – a solution that ensures efficient management of your energy sources, all the while respecting the norms in force. This global approach promotes the continuation of your activities in complete safety.

Our specialists will make sure to provide you with all the tools to protect your workers better. They will cover each essential element of healthy prevention according to your business’s needs and particularities. And while they do so, you can resume your activities in total peace of mind.

Our solutions include:

  • The evaluation of your business’ needs

  • Writing and revising lockout files

  • Creating and managing lockout files in a high-performance and user-friendly web software

  • Complete training of workers who will use or administer the program

Following our visit, your employees will work with confidence with any lockout.

Analyze your lockout procedures and work in total peace of mind! Be assured that your lockout program follows regulation and that you are better protecting your workers’ health and safety, thanks to Santinel’s complete review that improves your practices in the workplace. To evaluate your compliance, our specialists will proceed to the complete analysis of the lockout management in your organization. They will also examine the application of various procedures required from your employees by carrying out an audit in the field.

They will then compare their observations with the regulations in force, in particular with the CSA 460 standard. Finally, they will hand out a detailed report of your current situation. If changes are necessary, the document will clearly explain the required corrective measures. In short, you will have all the necessary means to achieve lockout compliance.

Give a helping hand to your team with the support of Santinel. Implement a lockout program in your business that is 100% structured and law-abiding with Santinel’s expertise and knowledge for personalized counselling or the management of an entire component. When the need arises, your prevention team will appreciate our support and our resources!

The experience of our specialists will answer your most probing questions, as they are in a position to offer original solutions that perfectly suit the particularities of your environment. Thus, your team will have all the tools in hand for the creation and implementation of your lockout program.

Here are some examples of the resources available through our service:

  • Project planning

  • Employee training

  • Support for file creators

  • Creating and managing lockout files in a high-performance and user-friendly web software

  • Tracking your progress

  • Spot audits to verify that lockout is maintained and that the program persists

Do not hesitate to make the most out of our services!

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