Gas and Steam

Gas and steam are ubiquitous in our work environment. Depending on their composition or the context in which they are found, even seemingly harmless products can become lethal gases. Others are so toxic that they must be monitored at all times. If you are uncertain about these exposures or wish to clarify a situation, contact Santinel. Thanks to our industrial hygiene service, you can count on us to assess your risks, to support you, and to help you find the right solutions.

Gas and Steam Training

Discover our complete and practical training of gas and steam exposure prevention and control. Let Santinel instruct you on your workplace safety measures.

Services & Programs

We have set-up several programs and services that meet the challenges of your business when facing gas and steam issues. Contact us for your next prevention approach.

Do you need to measure gas concentration or levels of exposure to chemicals within your organization? If you want to know the impact of a new product on your workers’ health and safety?

Santinel can answer all your questions relative to toxicity, gas, and vapours in your workspace. Our personalized consulting services are provided by professionals who have a deep knowledge of industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety prevention. Entrust your concerns to Santinel’s experts to get all the answers you were looking for. Santinel helps you keep your workers safe.

The exposure of workers to gases and vapors of any origin is common. But what concentration should concerned you? And what are the potential effects of this exposure on your employees?

At Santinel, we can carry out the entire gas and vapour assessment process.

We will first analyze all the information you have regarding the gases exposure in your organization. Additional assessment strategies will be put in place. Sampling, if necessary, will be done in the respect of regular operations so as not to interfere with them. These samples will be evaluated. Then, our experts will write a detailed report of your situation including, among other things, recommendations to help you keep your workers’ exposure to the lowest possible levels.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Solutions for Gas and Steam

You can count on our knowledge and expertise to find the ideal solution for any situation you may encounter.

Protecting workers from gas and steam exposure is an employer’s responsibility. Because they are part of chemical agents, they can be toxic and explosive to a certain degree. Depending on their chemical composition, they can affect a person’s health differently, from minor irritations and discomfort to fatal asphyxia and cancer.

For these reasons, evaluating gas and vapour is vital for everyone’s safety. Sampling and analysis must be done by following rigorous methods to collect information properly. Santinel can take charge of every stage, including choosing the right PPE for each product and its concentration.

Furthermore, our experts can analyze your WHMIS Material Safety Data Sheets to find the appropriate sampling and measuring methods using a direct reading device, sampling on a specific substrate compatible with the required laboratory analyses.

If your company needs training, our team will develop a respiratory protection program and train your employees and supervisors. If need be, they can confirm your business’ compliance with prevention standards, and if not, they will recommend preventive measures or adjustments.

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