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Over 30,000 Clients

Founded in 1981, Santinel has acquired a vast expertize in all fields related to occupational health and safety. Our knowledge, flexibility, and personalized service have convinced over 30,000 organizations of all sizes to make us their OHS partners.


Your one-stop OHS solution

When choosing Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experts who work together to meet your needs. You will see durable changes within your organization thanks to our unique approach:

  1. Case assessment

  2. Setting goals

  3. Implementing an action plan

  4. Personalized follow-up

What clients say about us

Santinel’s team has become our partner of choice for occupational health and safety. The consulting team is incredibly professional and really tried to provide efficient solutions that work for us. Their extensive knowledge of safety matters greatly helped improve our risk management performance.

Denis L.

What clients say about us

Let me stress our instructor’s infectious enthusiasm – he succeeded in making first aid classes fun, educational, relevant and professional, while involving every participant in the process. And that’s no small task!
Covering sensitive topics in a light setting where humor has its place requires lots of talent, even more so in a videoconference setting.

André Denis, directeur des projets spéciaux, BRP

What clients say about us

Here is what I like about Santinel: professional service, personalized follow-up, instructors who listen to our concerns… It happened that I called to plan last-minute classes or to discuss a topic I didn’t know how to address. Each time, I felt like the person on the line was truly listening to my needs and provided complete information and valuable solutions.

Sara Bouchard, Conseillère en ressources humaines, Omniplast

What clients say about us

Santinel’s team has always provided excellent technical support and training that met our needs. We are happy to rely on Santinel and we recommend them without hesitation.

Albani Boudreau, chef du service de l’immeuble, Grand Théâtre de Québec