Dust and Risk Assessment

Inhaling dust can be a health risk. Therefore, we put forth services to better control risks related to occupational disease and dust hazards. We are accredited to confirm whether your processes or products generate potentially harmful, explosive or corrosive dust. We can assist you in your risk assessment steps and, ultimately, advise you on the means of control.

Act fast to prevent dust-related risks in your organization. Whatever your issue may be, Santinel has your best interest at heart!

Have you already set out means of preventive action for occupational illnesses caused by dust? Would you like the help of an expert to strengthen your prevention plan or to confirm specific tasks? Santinel can complete your plan, give you recommendations and even take charge of all security interventions. Our goal is to help you simplify your approach and contribute to preventing occupational hazards in your organization.

If you choose tailor-made services, we first evaluate employee exposure to identify the composition of the dust. It will allow us to compare data with the required legal standards to validate whether you respect them. If it’s not the case, we evaluate the potential consequences of exposure in your workplace persists. Then, we suggest professional and administrative ways to reduce exposure and provide optimal respiratory protection or your workers.

Please be aware that our services are available at all times: following an employee complaint, an inspector’s visit, or for prevention. Rest assured that our intervention meets your needs and your quality standards.

Do you have trouble with dust in your work environment? Do you want to assess the impact of an approach on maintaining production operations? Santinel’s 35-year-experiences professionals in industrial hygiene provide you with support for any challenge.

And if you are facing a CNESST intervention, know that we can act on your behalf or advise you accordingly. Call us, and we will answer your questions and guide you towards the best solution.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Dust Exposure Solution

Santinel has the solution to prevent and protect your workers from dust exposure risks. No matter its composition and level of concentration, we will recommend the best option for your business.

Santinel has set up a rigorous and highly efficient method for respiratory protection. Our experts in industrial hygiene can evaluate known or suspected contaminants and other hazards such as has, dust, vapours and radiation.

Their steps consist of:

  • Assessing the problem

  • Identifying the objective of this evaluation

  • Identifying the type and nature of contaminant from known information (ex.: WHMIS system)

  • Establishing an evaluation strategy according to your organization’s operations

  • Choice of sampling and analysis methods

  • Sampling and monitoring

  • Sampling analysis

  • Interpretation of results according to the standards in force

  • Preparing a clear and concise report with recommendations

  • Presenting the report to the stakeholders involved

  • Assistance in implementing recommendations as needed

The evaluation of dust done by sampling and analyzing can seem simple at first glance, but it is not. Dirt belongs to the class of chemical agents which can be solid or liquid, and of different sizes. The finer the dust, the deeper it gets to the lungs, and the more harmful it is. According to chemical constitutions, it has different effects on a person’s health.

It can cause irritation, pneumonia or liver cancer. All of these factors mean that each type requires a specific method of sampling and analysis. Santinel can take charge of your respiratory protection plan, where our experts take care of the identification, evaluation, sampling, analysis and the implementation of control methods and periodic assessments.

Finally, they offer briefing sessions with your team to raise awareness on various challenges and the respiratory protection plan.

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