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Ensure efficient tracking of CNESST contributions. Santinel’s experts can help you define the right contribution amounts and select applicable fees and limits. Stay safe while

Our Training Programs

Become a CNESST contribution expert and build your financial expertize.

Our Services & Strategies

Simplify your CNESST contribution management system. Santinel’s specialists help you shed light on financial issues and make better decisions. Ensure optimal coverage for workers and boost your organization’s cost efficiency.

Use Santinel’s simplified method to choose your coverage limit. Make informed decisions when choosing your “limit per injury claim”, which is the amount your organization must absorb for each workplace accident. This amount is determined by very complex factors, but Santinel can help thanks to our fully customized selection process. First, our experts will put together salary projections, assessments and calculations.

We will review all your options and outline strong and weak points for each choice. We will then present you with results and numbers in order to guide your decision. Santinel’s specialists can answer all your concerns and recommend the best choices. You can count on us to help you make better decisions when it comes to choosing a CNESST limit.

Choose a CNESST classification that reflects your activities, while paying the right price. Choose to have your file analyzed in detail and make sure that you have the right CNESST classification. Santinel can verify your organization’s classification, which should be defined by the nature of your activities. This classification will determine your contribution rate. That is why reassessing your classification could lead to a significant and retroactive reduction of contributions.

The price you pay will be determined by multiple factors. For example, you could get a classification with lower contribution rates for your head office or other low-risk activities. You could even share your contribution plan with another company. This way, you could gain access to a customized contribution plan or a retrospective plan. For valuable advice and optimized savings, contact Santinel’s experts.

Assess your files and recover overpaid contributions. Take advantage of Santinel’s unique solutions, which have allowed our clients to recover tens of thousands in costs and reduced contributions. When the CNESST holds an employer responsible for injury costs, mistakes can happen easily.

Thanks to our strategic follow-up system, you will be able to adjust the numbers without difficulties. First, we will analyze all closed accident cases within your organization. Our expertize allows us to quickly detect any overcharges to your file.

We will also point out any case where expenses should have been shared between several parties. Once we have planned our interventions, we will complete relevant CNESST recovery procedures. Take advantage of this turn-key solution and expect a quick return on investment.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Management Solutions for CNESST Financial Files & Contributions

Thanks to Santinel’s expertize, managing CNESST contributions is easy. In addition to providing effective tools, we offer an unparalleled approach that boosts your organization’s cost efficiency.

You can count on Santinel to transform the way you deal with CNESST files. Get an in-depth assessment of your contributions and give your managing team invaluable tools for the future. Santinel offers a comprehensive approach which includes both assessing and providing assistance for all CNESST matters. Get peace of mind and be assured that you pay the right price when it comes to contributions.

First, we perform a comprehensive financial analysis of your CNESST files. This assessment helps us validate your coverage limits and CNESST classification, in addition to providing you with financial projections. We then work together with your team in order to help them acquire autonomy on CNESST financial matters.

Our approach includes:

  • Summary of useful tools that will help managers make informed decisions

  • Training session on management of CNESST financial files and contributions

  • Coaching and supervision for managers

  • Assessment of the impact of accident cases on your organization

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