Efficient OHS Communication

Efficient communication is key to avoid common OHS pitfalls. Contact us to help you spread the message to your workers about your action plan and related challenges.

Training Programs

Our unique strategy helps you facilitate OHS communication in the workplace. Santinel’s experts have created an efficient, practical, and easy to apply training program just for you.

Services & Strategies

We provide a variety of services and programs to help you face daily OHS challenges. Our unique approach helps you through all things related to good OHS communication.

Do you want to convey your OHS committee’s decisions and tools to your workers? Santinel provides personalized coaching and support services so that you can spread OHS messages quickly and efficiently to all your employees.

Contact us to get help with setting an agenda for meetings, targeting specific issues in internal memos, or broadcasting a key accident investigation procedure.

Do occupational health and safety meetings address your organization’s real challenges? Santinel helps you save time and money by bringing to light key points that should be discussed during OHS meetings. We provide complete information in the format of your choice: pamphlets, PowerPoint presentations, videos, or even real-life scenarios.

Thanks to Santinel’s training, you can ensure that OHS meetings are open to communication and focused on finding solutions. Contact us to learn more.

Raise OHS awareness among employees with a Lunch & Learn event. This 45 to 60-minute presentation is offered at your offices and helps sensitize employees, create discussions, and exchange ideas about OHS. Create a perfect moment to find and share solutions or address important topics outside of the formal context of OHS meetings.

Contact us for a comprehensive list of Santinel’s Lunch & Learn programs.

Are you looking for a solution to keep your supervisors and foremen motivated when it comes to OHS? Santinel helps you plan and keep track of monthly 30-minute meetings. Regular sessions help you validate and spread useful OSH information, introduce new policies or security procedures, or coach supervisors on subjects they should raise with their teams.

Our meeting strategy helps create good relations between directors and supervisors when it comes to OHS. You get to make sure that your message is well understood and that all employees are on the same page. Santinel also provides help in moderating meetings and developing agendas.

Do you need an efficient solution to convey important occupational health and safety information to your employees? Perhaps you need to inform them about newly introduced corrective measures after a work accident. Santinel helps you plan 30-minute monthly team meetings on OHS topics.

Regular sessions allow foremen to share OSH updates with their team, such as equipment changes, workplace security methods, or task-specific recommendations issued after a monthly accident analysis report.

Our monthly meeting system keeps workers informed on all relevant subjects. Foremen have a chance to introduce crucial information regarding work at height, respiratory protection, or the importance of inspecting lifting devices before use.

Regular meetings are the perfect chance to build a solid relationship with workers, reinforce your prevention culture, focus on prevention, and exchange new ideas, practical information, and occupational health and safety advice.

Santinel can even prepare agendas and meeting content to help your supervisors save valuable time.

Do you have trouble promoting safety in the workplace and sensitizing employees? Are you wondering how to get workers to pay attention to OHS issues? Santinel provides services and activities designed to stimulate and engage employees in order to sensitize them to OHS in the workplace.

Contact us to get help with spreading information, setting up learning activities, or organizing OHS-themed days or weeks. Our unique approach helps your employees engage in accident prevention in the workplace.

OHS meetings remain the best way to convey your OHS message, but you can also use other resources to convey your point. Choose to include periodical articles or columns in your regular internal communication platforms. You will get your message to resonate even more.
What subjects should you cover? How do you choose compelling subjects for staff and workers alike?

Santinel will help you pen efficient articles for internal publications or journals. Thanks to our unique advice, you will cover relevant and engaging topics, such as work at height, first aid resources, thermal stress, injury prevention, harassment, emergency procedures, etc.

Perhaps you are lacking resources to plan and write content. Trust us with penning these articles for you—all you will have to do is broadcast the information.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Customized Solutions

Our unique approach brings you the benefit of customized solutions for occupational health and safety internal communications.

Are you positive that occupational health and safety messages are well heard, understood and applied in your organization? Maybe you wish that your health and safety committee releases were more engaging and efficient. Or you are looking for a better way to present OHS tools to your workers. What media should you use to better convey information and achieve specific results?

Santinel’s personalized auditing service answers all your concerns. Get customized advice to improve OHS communication in your organization. Contact us today.

OHS Communications help you to quickly and efficiently convey occupational health and safety rules and prevention measures. Our turnkey solutions help you sensitize employees through activities such as:

  • Occupational health and safety simulations for employees

  • Occupational health and safety simulations for supervisors and foremen

  • Comprehensive plan for OHS discussions for the ongoing year, complete with topics, related themes, content, and documentation.

  • Support and coaching for employees who are in charge of broadcasting meeting topics—we can attend your meetings, and provide occasional coaching and technical advice, etc.

We can also include a training session about efficient meeting protocols in order to boost productivity. Contact us for turnkey solutions and get personalized help for your organization’s OHS communications.

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