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Do your employees have trouble filling out accident reports? Maybe you never get complete information and there are always details missing. Analyzing accidents is not easy. Are you ready to take the next step to improve safety in your organization? In that case, Santinel can help.

Services & Strategies

Choose from Santinel’s broad range of prevention programs and services tailored to your needs. Preventing accidents has never been this easy before.

Take advantage of our accident investigation and analysis expertize by choosing Santinel’s personalized consulting and coaching services. Our specialists have years of experience and offer quick, affordable, top-quality solutions. They can advise you on any safety matter, ranging from accident report worksheets to comprehensive accident analysis procedures.

Do you need to find the weak link in your accident investigations? Perhaps you want to check that your protocol is compliant with CNESST regulations. Contact Santinel and get answers today.

You want to review risks following an accident in your workplace? Eliminate hazards quickly before an incident occurs again. Set up a strategy to manage corrective actions. You will find that it can drastically improve safety within your organization. With Santinel’s experts, you will perform a thorough accident analysis before coming up with a strategy that suits your industry.

We provide you with efficient management tools, such as a database to follow up on corrective measures. Our system helps you collect and process all requests for corrective action and make sure that all prevention activities are carried out to completion.

Our personalized and unique approach helps you and your workers understand and follow through on corrective measures. Contact us today to set up a strategy adapted to your needs.

Did you set up all necessary strategies to protect your workers from danger? When an accident occurs or comes close to happening, it is best that you already have all necessary procedures to intervene, investigate, and analyze the line of events. Santinel helps you create a customized step-by-step procedure in case of an accident.

Our strategy includes preliminary employee management, medical formalities, temporary assignments, accident reports, follow-ups with injured workers, and each party’s roles and responsibilities. Our unique and comprehensive approach helps you face any work accident situation.

Do your accident reports fail to find the root cause of the incident? Even worse, perhaps essential information is missing from the report? The right worksheet can help you improve your investigation techniques and procedures and make accident management much easier.

Santinel evaluates your report worksheets and analyzes investigation processes in your organization. We can recommend practical changes to the existing system and ensure that accident reports bring to light all essential information.

Whether you work best with paper or online forms, Santinel has your next solution. Upon delivery, we ensure that new procedures meet your expectations, are fully understood and help you target important information.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Simple Prevention for Better Safety

Got questions about safety in the workplace? Looking for valid information from experts? Find all your answers to frequently asked questions.

Is your workplace prevention program designed to target existing hazards? Do you know when, where, and during which tasks accidents occur? Become fully aware of hazardous situations in your workplace and empower yourself to reduce accident risks by taking the proper corrective actions.

Santinel helps you develop awareness of workplace hazards. Choose our customized accident prevention strategy and experience a real difference in your organization’s health and safety. Our experts go back several years into your organization’s history to analyze risks and accident reports.

They also make on-site observations and perform full interviews. Afterwards, we provide you with a complete statistic profile and recommend safety actions and training to curb accident risks.

When a work accident occurs, the number of details in the accident report plays a key role in the investigation. Santinel helps you analyze your organization’s investigation protocols, forms and abilities. You will acquire new tools that will help you understand why accidents happen, how you should conduct investigations, and, most importantly, how to prevent accidents altogether.

Contact us for a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s ability to investigate accidents and understand exactly which prevention strategies work.

Do you still struggle, even though your organization already has its own accident investigation and analysis procedures and forms? Have you trained managers and workers to apply your prevention strategy, yet it is still difficult to perform efficient investigations? Perhaps your reports lack key information or you notice multiple shortcomings despite your efforts.

One way of getting answers is to evaluate the performance of your accident investigation managers. Santinel’s specialists can help set up a planned simulation exercise or a real-life situation tailored to your industry. We then proceed to test your investigation managers and evaluate how well they apply your organization’s procedures.

When requested, this exercise can lead to a full accident investigation and analysis training. With Santinel’s method, you get a comprehensive report outlining the strengths and weaknesses of your accident reports and on-site investigations.

Provide your managers with the support they need to perform accident reports and investigations. Santinel offers a unique coaching service that prepares managers to carry out investigations efficiently. We teach your leaders to make the right decisions at the right time and implement corrective actions after an accident.

A well-prepared team leader will successfully carry out accident investigations and analysis, write better reports, and make a winning difference in workplace accident prevention.

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