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Whether it is choosing the right defibrillator for your business or updating your first aid kits, our team will be happy to guide you in the selection of the right products. First aid materials have no secrets for us. We have been distributing them for 40 years. Let us advise you!

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Did you know that all employers are required to have readily at hand a first-aid kit with all the contents required by Quebec regulations to reduce reaction time in case of an incident and enable someone to provide appropriate care?

Santinel offers to inspect the first-aid kits in your facility to ensure that they always contain the equipment required, in good condition. Depending on the contents of the kit, our staff will take care of supplying the missing equipment, either from your inventory or from our stock, according to our agreement.

Get rid of a chore by entrusting us with the inspection and restocking of your first-aid kits

Santinel can provide all the first-aid supplies required by Quebec regulations and all the accessories necessary for your responders to help your employees in case of a medical problem.

First-aid kits for your workplace, car or daycare are available. For all your needs in gloves, antiseptics, pocket masks, dressings, bandages, scissors and others, think of the largest provider of first-aid courses in Quebec. We have everything you need so that your kit is always complete and ready for use.

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Pour tout événement ou pour votre établissement : munissez-vous d’un défibrillateur.

Saviez-vous que l’utilisation d’un défibrillateur externe automatisé (DEA) double les chances de survie d’une personne victime d’un arrêt cardiorespiratoire si on l’utilise durant les premières minutes de l’incident?

Santinel vous offre de munir votre organisation d’un défibrillateur externe automatisé et de profiter d’une formation à propos de son utilisation et de son entretien. Lors de l’achat, profitez également de notre service après-vente qui vous assurera une paix d’esprit durable.

Need an AED for a short period?

Think of Santinel when organizing your next event. Having a rented defibrillator on hand will help you keep peace of mind, knowing that your participants are protected in case of an emergency.

Have you procured defibrillators to increase your capacity to respond to an emergency? This convenient device must be maintained and inspected rigorously to adhere to its high level of performance in emergency situations. Although they are easy to maintain, some follow-up is necessary.

After the devices are sold, Santinel offers to track the expiration dates of electrodes and batteries. We store your product information in our databases and perform timely reminders, saving you from worrying about these periodic checks. In addition to inspecting all your AEDs, we offer an ongoing replacement program for outdated parts.

When you have your AEDs maintained and tracked by experts in the field, use quality equipment and receive quality service, you will be able to provide an invaluable service, when the time comes.

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Are you hesitating between buying and renting a defibrillator? Do you have a very specific need, but you can't find an appropriate solution? Do you need more information about or training programs or products? We will be delighted to answer all your requests.

Santinel : your partner in first aid

Why get a defibrillator?

Before considering buying a defibrillator, you still need to know what it is!

The automated external defibrillator, or AED, is a device whose role is to analyze the instantaneous activity of the heart of a person in cardio-respiratory arrest. This analysis is done automatically, which prevents its users from making any decision. According to the results of the analysis, the device determines the next steps in the intervention: continuation of cardiac massage, shock, etc.

If the use of the AED is taught in so many first aid courses (and therefore several of Santinel’s), it is because its use doubles the chances of survival of a person victim of a cardiopulmonary arrest if it is used during first few minutes of the incident.

An expensive device, the AED is not a trivial purchase, which is why we take all the time necessary with our customers to assess their needs and offer them the model that suits them.

Are your kits up to date?

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Since March 17, 2021, first aid kits in the workplace must comply with the CAN / CSA Z1220-17 standard, according to the new CNESST requirements. If you haven’t updated your kits yet, now is the time to do so.

Should you get new kits? Not necessarily.

Rather, you will need to assess the level of risk in your workplace. This will allow you to identify the material that should be found in your kits, which is determined in particular by this level of risk. Finally, you will have to obtain the missing products in your current kits.

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