Do your workers perform tasks in confined spaces? Do you want learn more about risks related to enclosed spaces? Is the CNESST demanding that your organization implement better operational methods or safety measures? Whether you want to curb exposure to toxic substances or improve entry and rescue protocols, we can help. Learn more about Santinel’s leading solutions for safer operations in confined spaces.

Enclosed Space Services & Programs

Learn more about our wide range of services and programs related to safe work in enclosed spaces. Santinel is a health and safety leader trusted by hundreds of companies.

Fact: it is essential to set up reliable safety systems for operations in confined spaces. Unless you take the right steps, your organization may be breaking the law and endangering workers without knowing. Some organizations choose a confined space management plan that merely covers the basics. If this is your case, our auditing services will bring about positive changes in your organization.

Are you aware of safety measures imposed by the CNESST in all confined workspace situations? Contact us to ensure that your protocols are compliant with regulations. We will also help improve your management plan for confined space operations. Our experts will provide a comprehensive report detailing your program’s strengths and weaknesses. We will also set up a doable action plan in order to achieve better enclosed space management.

Our approach involves thoroughly assessing your program’s content and onsite feasibility. We also take into account factors such as potential risks, control measures, required equipment, inspection and maintenance programs, responsibility attribution and awareness, training of enclosed space managers, entry and rescuing procedures, and issuing permits.

Thanks to Santinel’s comprehensive audit, you will have all the tools to set up safe and compliant procedures.


Are you facing confined space issues? Do you need expert help? With over 40 years of experience in health and safety, our team has the answers you were looking for. You can count on us for constructive advice adapted to your situation. Thanks to a personalized consult, you can pair up with a specialist, pinpoint your confined space challenges, and find the right solution.

We can help you set up emergency rescue protocols, design procedures for specific enclosed spaces, or settle a notice from the CNESST. If needed, we can also help you implement programs or evaluate air quality. We can define which contaminants should be assessed within a confined workspace. We can even help you manage subcontractors operating in enclosed spaces. Contact us today for advice tailored to your needs.


Maintaining an updated list of all confined spaces is key. Make sure to log all changes and additions to your enclosed spaces. Do you want to improve space management and safety?

Santinel can help you set up an updated inventory and description for your workspaces. Our experts get you accurate data regarding the condition, equipment, and inherent hazards of enclosed spaces. You will also gain a systemic knowledge of all operations carried out in confined spaces by your organization.

We provide comprehensive, digitized documents that describe potential risks and control measures for each area. If needed, you can even use it to deliver entree permits.
Get in touch with Santinel to get your confined spaces catalogued and described quickly and at competitive prices.

Santinel provides extensive expertise when it comes to conceiving and implementing management programs for confined workspaces. Our comprehensive plans are regulation compliant and fully customized to your organization. They ensure maximum safety by providing managers and workers with the support they need.

A thorough approach to confined spaces remains the best way to ensure that your employees are safe. Take the easy road towards effective management of confined spaces. Choose Santinel’s unique program, based on comprehensive risk assessment.

Our experts evaluate multiple factors: theoretical and practical employee training, risk control measures, entry permits, related documentation, required equipment and company policies, detailed follow-up procedures, etc. Our programs always include a valuable “Rescue in Enclosed Space” section.

Did you know that, according to regulations, information related to confined spaces must be accessible to workers even before they begin operations in a confined area?
Santinel can help you come up with a detailed list of hazards present in your confined spaces.

We will inventory all operations that can be carried out in enclosed areas. We will list all individuals authorized to enter the spaces, risks posed to workers, and existing or recommended preventive measures. In addition to this thorough description, we will include procedures and safety checklists for safe entry in your confined spaces.

You may also choose to benefit from this service if you need to validate or update existing documentation. Contact Santinel today for our outstanding expertise and unique approach to health and safety in the workplace.

Despite major efforts to curb risks, unfortunately, accidents can still occur in confined spaces. Mishaps, lack of training, or distraction can pose a risk to your workers. This is why you need a solid rescue plan. Reliable emergency rescue procedures will help you provide effective assistance to a worker in danger.

Santinel can help you create a dependable emergency rescue plan specifically for each confined space in your workplace. We can also review and bring up to standard existing intervention plans. Our expert consultant will visit your confined spaces, evaluate existing hazards, and determine which equipment and rescue measures would be needed if an emergency should occur.

We work closely with managers and workers before testing our procedures onsite. In addition to your regulation-compliant and effective rescue plan, we will provide you with a detailed report defining our approach.

During an emergency rescue, well-trained employees can make all the difference. Prepare your workers to respond effectively, thanks to Santinel’s simulations of entry and rescue procedures in confined spaces.

Your team will learn to react quickly by recognizing and assessing dangerous situations before intervening. They will find out how to safely enter confined spaces, administer first aid, and use rescue equipment, such as harnesses, stretchers, radio transmitters, hoists, and gas detectors.

Your team will be prepared to quickly intervene in the heat of the moment, thanks to concrete real-life situations. We will teach your crew to choose the right solution on the spot and help them get familiar with different courses of intervention. They will also learn to accurately assess their own capabilities and limits.

For all your training programs, you can trust Santinel, a leading CNESST supplier of emergency rescue solutions for confined spaces.

Do you need to perform operations in confined spaces? Do you want to eliminate risks? Get in touch with us today. Santinel will put you in contact with safety experts and help you plan and implement effective control measures. We can oversee all operations performed in confined spaces. You can choose to use our control services on an occasional or short-term basis, depending on your needs.

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge and skills, we are at the top of Quebec’s safety market when it comes to enclosed spaces solutions.

Thanks to our qualified supervision, you can be at peace during confined area special projects and hazardous entries. Our trustworthy experts keep you safe and are prepared to initiate emergency and rescue procedures, should the need arise.

Our Guarantee

When you choose Santinel, you surround yourself with a multidisciplinary team of experienced consultants who work together to meet your needs. Here is our promise: durable, positive and lasting changes within your organization.

Our comprehensive solutions

Learn more about solutions offered to organizations of all sizes and industries. Santinel has been leading occupational health and safety market since 1981.

Do you prefer the comfort of a turnkey service? Entrust safety analysis of specialized tasks to Santinel and get the benefit of our expert interventions. Among other things, we can come up with specific procedures for high-risk entrees into confined spaces and provide training to your employees.

Depending on your needs, we will provide the right amount of support and analyze any operation carried out in a confined workspace. Your team will get all the tools and resources to avoid complications that could undermine your workers’ safety. Contact Santinel today for outstanding expertize and unparalleled occupational safety programs.

Choose peace of mind with Santinel. Your organization can count on us to implement all safety procedures applicable in confined spaces. You can make your life easy by taking advantage of our wide range of services. We can assess your needs, perform a complete inventory of enclosed spaces, create risk analysis worksheets, put together an emergency rescue plan, provide help with databases, train workers and supervisors for confined space operations, and help you implement rescue procedures.

Santinel can assist you in choosing the right entry and rescue equipment for enclosed areas. We offer exhaustive confined space entry training for workers, supervisors, and permit issuers. We also provide training programs for enclosed space emergency rescue procedures. Finally, we help program managers better fulfill their legal obligations in order to ensure maximum safety.

Are you compliant with regulation CSA 1006 as well as federal and provincial regulations? Make sure that you are in the clear. Entrust the complete analysis of your confined space management program to Santinel.

We will perform a full assessment to ensure that your standards match applicable norms and regulations. We will also inform you of all necessary improvement measures. Get peace of mind and avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to occupational health and safety.

Need help with implementing safety procedures for work in confined spaces? Santinel can get you all the tools and resources you need to ensure safety within your organization.

Depending on your needs, we can help you plan safety projects, provide training in confined space analysis and writing of descriptive worksheets, coaching and support for worksheet writers, database training, progress tracking by experts, and other training. You can also take advantage of one-time technical consults if you need help with a complex case. Contact us today and learn more about our unique approach to occupational health and safety.

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