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Certification valid for 3 years

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Ensure a healthy and safe environment for your workers!

Asbestos can be integrated with other components or hidden in some structures and is not always easy to spot. Nevertheless, it can easily end up in the air, which is a significant health and safety risk. That’s why Santinel offers training that will simplify the follow-up and monitoring of asbestos in your workplace.

With this course, your team will have the tools to find materials likely to contain asbestos (MLCA).  They will also learn how to assess the level of risk and how to use protective equipment to prevent occupational diseases. Our asbestos inventory and management training also teaches the proper procedures so that you can perform your tasks safely and communicate these working methods to all of your workers.

In short, the Santinel training will provide you with the resources to set up your own asbestos management program. An approach that will enhance prevention for your entire company!

Learning series:

  • Discover current standards and create a management program that will prevent worker exposure and ensure company compliance.
  • Easily conduct inventory of materials that may contain asbestos and analyze the level of risk to health.
  • Establish safety and control procedures for tasks or work that may lead to asbestos exposure.
  • Develop working methods and use protective equipment that allows safe handling of asbestos-containing materials.

Prevent one’s exposure to asbestos, regardless of the task, with Santinel’s unique approach and benefit from training that meets your reality and challenges.  The nature of your business means the risks of exposure to asbestos may be different. Sometimes the material is exposed and its presence is known. However, it can also be hidden in components of your establishment and be released during work.

The Asbestos Inventory and Management Program course is primarily intended for managers and members of your Occupational Health and Safety Committee. They will then be able to locate and manage asbestos in all circumstances according to the specifics of your business. An essential asset to ensure the safety of all other workers. Consult us for more information.

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