Entrants and Supervisors of Confined Space

Certification valid for 3 years

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Master the essential principles of working in confined spaces. Santinel is a unique stop for companies looking to develop the team’s skills in managing work in small spaces.

This one-day workshop includes a theoretical component, exercises and case studies on confined space work. It aims to develop the knowledge and skills needed by your employees to master the important aspects and act safely in the performance of their duties. To do this, they will learn the basic principles of managing work in confined spaces, in accordance with the legal obligations of companies with regard to the protection of workers (RROHS SECTION XXVI WORKING IN AN ENCLOSED AREA & CSA Standard 1006). Our trainers will also teach them how to identify a confined space, safety procedures, risks to avoid, emergency measures and the stages of a restricted rescue. Whatever the situation, they will have the knowledge to do the right thing.

At the end of this training, your workers will achieve safe entry and confined space surveillance. Contact us for more information.

Learning series:

  • What is a confined space?
  • The procedures for identifying a confined space.
  • Confined space entry requirements, obligations and responsibilities for each person involved.
  • Equipment and tools for air control and appropriate equipment (PPE).
  • The risks to be identified, the emergency measures to be taken and the levels of rescue.

Do your employees have to work in a confined space? Do you want to raise their awareness of safe working methods and the risks inherent in these particular spaces? This training is for employees working in a confined/enclosed space as well as their supervisor and your company’s OHS manager.

Note that it is preferable to have completed a safety harness and WHMIS training prior to taking this course. In order to optimize their learning on confined spaces, employees must have sufficient knowledge. If you have any questions, contact us. Our team is at your disposal.

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