Development of Confined Space Risk Sheets (Characterization)

Certification valid for 3 years

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Assess the risks of all confined spaces in your business and communicate them in the most effective way. For the management of confined spaces and risk sheets for your company, opt for a training that will best equip you! Santinel offers a complete approach which will facilitate your inventory and development of prevention documents. And thanks to this clear and reliable information, your workers will be safer at each entrance!

In addition to the risk inventory and preparation of the risk sheets, our training will cover information on work in confined space. Your staff will learn to detail all the information required to safely enter a confined space. Our experts will discuss, among other things, the checks to carry out before starting a task, the steps to follow for the entry sequence, etc.

In short, Santinel will offer you all the necessary information to prevent risks and incidents.

Learning series:

  • Ensure your organization’s compliance by learning standards and regulations related to confined spaces.
  • Increase your knowledge of confined spaces, including how to recognize them and assess the risks they represent.
  • Know all the pre-entry checks required for each space, such as authorized activities and recommended preventative measures.
  • Produce risk sheets that contain a detailed and easily understandable description of all these different elements.

Equip your prevention team to better manage confined spaces. Confined space accidents often have fatal consequences, therefore risk sheets are very important for worker safety. Regulations require an inventory of these spaces and their risks. To help members of your organization accomplish this task with ease, opt for Santinel’s training!

With the instruction provided by our experts, the person(s) responsible for occupational safety and health will develop the skills they require. Also, our trainers will adapt their lessons to your business sector and place of work. This unique and personalized Santinel approach will ensure you cover all your bases!

Consequently, your managers will become proper resources to manage your confined spaces and achieve compliance!

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