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By developing the skills of your supervisors, you ensure safety when working in confined spaces!

Monitoring work in confined space is very important, even mandatory, therefore your workers must be properly informed before assuming this responsibility. That’s why Santinel offers comprehensive training, reserved for confined space supervisors only. Your whole team will benefit from their effective control and ability to intervene!

Our trainers will help your supervisors improve your prevention and safety. In addition to standards and procedures, our trainers will teach them how to recognize hazards and how to protect themselves. They will also provide them with a variety of tools for evaluating these hazards while performing the work.

Your supervisors will be able to identify changes in the environment and rectify, if necessary, and trigger rescue procedures where appropriate!

Learning series:

  • Ensure compliance with standards and procedures (tools, protective equipment, etc.) through an in-depth understanding of your organization’s confined space program.
  • Easily identify the risks of a confined space by evaluating various criteria such as location, substances present, natural or mechanical ventilation, etc.
  • Maintain safety while working in a confined space with various means of monitoring such as air quality tests, verification of ventilation means, etc.
  • Act quickly and effectively in case of emergencies through scenarios and practical exercises on the procedures to be followed.

Provide greater security to your confined space workers!

For a thorough and personalized training, go to Santinel! Whether they have a lot or  little experience, our course will meet the real needs of your confined space supervisors. Our trainers will ensure that they are provided with all the necessary knowledge to perform this task optimally. Depending on your organization, you may  choose to train your workers or your supervisors!

Know that our experts will adapt their teachings to the challenges of your company and business sector. They will assess your environment, the confined spaces in which you work and the criteria that influences your work. The specific risks you face will be taken into account to enhance your training. Take advantage of this approach unique to Santinel and work with peace of mind!

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