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Certification valid for 3 years

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Develop your resources and expertise for confined space work protocols. For an effective prevention of accidents, an access procedure and a permit must absolutely be written before entering the confined space. The law also requires that the issuer of this permit be “able to identify, assess and control the dangers.” And with our training, you will be assured that this important task is properly carried out!

Our experts will effectively help members of your organization create safe protocols for confined space entry. First, they will provide them with a wealth of information on the legal requirements. They will teach them methods to effectively assess all risks. Moreover, they will also learn work procedures that will provide better protection for your entire team.

In short, this is essential training for the safety of your workers and your prevention compliance.

Learning series:

  • Become an expert in the current regulations on license issuing protocol and confined space entry.
  • Identify the confined space risks quickly and easily before establishing the necessary control measures to prevent accidents.
  • Ensure safety and compliance by adequately checking workers’ skills and effectively passing on required information.
  • Better protect your team by properly assessing the impact of the work on the conditions and risks in the confined space.

Issue your licenses and easily fulfill your legal obligations with Santinel. Does your organization often have to perform confined space tasks? Why not simplify your protocols and ensure your autonomy in issuing your permits? Simply mandate a few members of your company, such as managers or responsible workers, and Santinel will do the rest!

Our teaching will enable members of your organization to effectively fulfill your licenses. By law, the issuer is a person who has “the knowledge, training or experience” to identify and control the risks associated with confined spaces. Our comprehensive course will assure you fulfill this condition.

Moreover, our training will also be useful to more experienced workers and supervisors. Since the management of work in confined spaces is rather complex, the notions transmitted will help them to establish completely secure protocols.

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