Trainer Training – Entrant and Supervisor in Confined Space

Certification valid for 3 years

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Opt for training that will ensure that the foundations of confined space work are mastered at your company! With Santinel’s expertise, you will transform your employees into qualified trainers, who will then transfer their knowledge to your teams. An essential asset if your organization often has work in confined spaces!

With our training, your future instructors will fully understand the theoretical and practical foundations of working in confined space. Our master trainers will also teach them all the current regulations to ensure your protection and compliance. They will also make sure your workers develop skills and abilities to effectively communicate their knowledge. Lastly, to ensure their development, our trainers can accompany them during their first training session!

With Santinel, your future trainers will become proactive and dynamic instructors!

Learning series:

  • Deepen your expertise in confined space work with presentations and hands-on exercises.
  • Ensure that you are aware of all applicable standards for working in confined space.
  • Improve your ability to deliver content with a presentation simulation to a Santinel expert.
  • Get feedback from our master trainer after your first simulation.

Develop the know-how of your supervisors or your most knowledgeable employees for them to become true training experts! Whatever their role in your company, Santinel will make sure your future trainers are competent instructors! Simply choose people amongst your resources who respect procedures and their colleagues. Thanks to our unique approach, they will then master work in confined space as well as knowledge transmission!

This training begins with the same in-depth presentations and exercises as offered to employees working in confined spaces. Depending on the past experience and needs of your future trainers, Santinel can also offer coaching during their first course. A complete approach that will confirm their assuredness!

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