Aerial Lift and Lifting Platform Operator Training (Theoretical)

Certification valid for 3 years

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Develop your workers’ expertise and ensure the safe operation of the aerial lifts and lifting platforms of your organization!

Lifting devices are the source of many risks and your team must be protected when using them. This is why Santinel offers training for the operation and inspection of aerial lifts and lifting platforms, an approach that will promote the safety of all your workers!

In fact, our course will improve prevention throughout your organization because your aerial lift and platform operators will not only learn to move, raise, maneuver and stabilize their machinery effectively but also to inspect and report any concerns or repairs before doing so. Our trainers will also teach practices that will ensure better protection for your team!

More specifically, your operators will learn different types of inspections and the maintenance and frequency to carry them out. They will also refine their knowledge of the current standards, nameplates and all the elements that contribute to safety. Finally, they will learn to use their protective equipment optimally.

Rely on Santinel’s experience for peace of mind!

Learning series:

  • Know the regulations concerning aerial lifts and lifting platforms, as well as the legal training requirements.
  • Master all the concepts of prevention and safety related to aerial lifts and platforms, such as equipment inspection and stability principles.
  • Safely operate an aerial lift and platform, taking into account the surrounding environment and using the appropriate protective equipment.

For the safe operation of aerial lifts and lifting platforms, opt for Santinel’s unique approach!

We offer personalized training that will meet the specifics of your industry and your workplace. Whether your organization uses aerial trucks, articulated or telescopic arm platforms, our specialists will help you operate your machinery efficiently!

And to ensure your compliance with applicable laws, the teaching on protective equipment will also be adapted to your challenges. So, whatever the tasks to be performed, your workers will know how to use the machinery and accessories optimally!

Note that this training aims to develop skills in operating aerial lifts and lifting platforms. The mechanical component will therefore not be discussed.

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