Trainer Training – Aerial Lift and Platforms

Certification valid for 3 years

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How often should your organization train aerial work and lifting platforms operators? If you use external resources a few times a year, why not have some workers become certified instructors? A major asset for your productivity, autonomy and finances!

Benefiting from Santinel’s unique approach, your future instructors will develop their skills on several levels. Ultimately, they will not only know the material on the aerial work and lifting platforms but will be able to transmit it effectively! Our master trainers will provide them with a great deal of knowledge about these devices. The trainers will cover standards to be observed, various protective measures and optimal maneuver execution.

Our experts will also offer your workers a host of tools to become competent, interesting and relevant educators! They will be able to easily communicate their know-how in a clear and easy to understand way. If necessary, our experts can even offer them real supervised training. This step is optional, but will greatly reassure your workers. Don’t hesitate to discuss it with our master trainers!

Note that at the end of this course, each trained worker will receive an accredited trainer certification.

Learning series:

  • Deepen your knowledge in aerial work and lifting platforms operation, including regulations and protective equipment.
  • Familiarize yourself with the role and responsibilities of a trainer, before developing your teaching skills (listening skills, ability to explain clearly, etc.)
  • Learn how to design a theoretical and practical training session, which will transmit your material effectively and optimally.
  • Take advantage of a teaching simulation in front of the Santinel master trainer and improve your future classroom performances with their feedback.

Your instructors can be supervisors, health and safety committee officials or employees. Simply choose responsible members in your organization who respect your procedures and their colleagues. We will then take care of equipping them to become specialized and competent trainers!

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